High Copper Level????

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Hi All,

I'm at a loss.......  I just received a notice from my surgeon's office today from my blood draw on May 7th. They have indicated (without giving me the actual numbers......) that I have a High Copper Level. I have no clue what this means or why it happens so I looked it up on-line and now I'm TERRIFIED! Looks like there are all kinds of repercussions for my LO.

Do any of you have any experience with this? I tried both my OB and my surgeon's offices, but they were both closed for the night. I am going first thing tomorrow morning to have my Ceruloplasmin test done. As soon as I can, I will be calling both of my doctors. In the meantime, I sit here a bundle of nerves.

~ Mary


on 5/19/11 11:30 am - Sabattus, ME
Yep, mine is high too, no really high but still high.  Have no idea why and they have said they are not too worried about it.  Going to have it rechecked after the baby is born but was told not to worry about it.
on 5/19/11 4:54 pm - San Jose, CA
Mary... this could be a minor issue.  I know you're scared but keep breathing... both you and your LO will be fine.  I just know it! 
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on 5/19/11 11:42 pm - Owings Mills, MD
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Thank you both for the warm responses! I spoke to my surgeon's office this morning and I am feeling a little better now. It seems that a Serum Copper level of 175 is the highest of the exceptable normal range and I tested at 192. It's been 7 weeks since my previous draw and at that point my numbers were well within the normal range. I had my follow up blood draw done first thing this morning and should have the results by the middle of next week.

Thank you again for the support, I know that I tend to come across as a worry wart!

~ Mary
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on 5/21/11 10:11 am - Woodbridge, VA
I am not pregnant, but I have had slightly elevated copper levels in my last couple of labs. I read about zinc and copper sort of balancing each other out, and my zinc wasn't technically low but was near the lower end of the normal range, so I added a zinc supplement daily in an effort to balance out my zinc and copper. It didn't work - my zinc increased noticably, but my copper stayed about the same (may have dropped a couple points, but nothing major - still slightly high). No one seems particularly worried about it, and when I did some reading online about copper toxicity, I believe your levels have to be significantly higher to really cause symptoms/issues.
on 5/21/11 3:30 pm - Fridley, MN
My experience was like Jill's - I needed more zinc.  I cut my multivitamins from 3 to 2 a day and added zinc and my copper normalized.

My copper was high before and during part of my pregnancy and my son is perfect.  He's 5 months old now and healthy as can be.
on 5/31/11 3:26 pm - Oxnard, CA
 Hi Mary,
I hope you've gotten your test results figured out by now!! I just wanted to say, I was diagnosed with extremely high copper levels when I was 17. My sister was going through med school at the time and had me convinced I was going to die within the week, and the information on the web didn't help my fears!! I am now a relativly healthy 27 year old (granted, I'm MO, and waiting for my surgery date) and still have high copper levels. The docs have no idea why, but they figure, it's not killing me, so it couldn't be anything to horrible!! So, dont believe everything you read online, half of it will scare the s**t out of you for no good reason! Good luck, and I hope everything worked out for you!

on 6/25/13 4:30 am - Lexington Park, MD

Hi Mary! I know it's been a while since you posted about your copper, but I too have this issue now (almost 9 years post op) and wondered how "it turned out" for you? I also noticed we are relatively close to one another in MD! I live in Lexington Park (in St. Mary's County) how neat! I would love an update on your copper situation and any helpful suggestions/comments on your experience! This stuff is scary! Thanks! Glori 

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