question for those with pcos

on 4/3/12 12:35 pm
RNY on 02/13/12
 im still early out 7 weeks post op RNY but we are hoping in 12 months we can start TTC i was wondering i have PCOS did the surgery seem to help with getting pregnant we dont have any children and my husband is 35 and im 31 so we will be older parents if we can have one i just dont want to give up the hope that pregnancy is possible and its would be easier after i lose the weight!!


Sherry-Lynn L.
on 4/3/12 7:41 pm - Barrie, Canada
I have pretty bad pcos and take 1500 mg of metformin for the insulin resistance and it also helps with the pcos symptoms.  I had the surgery a few years ago and my periods returned from maybe 2-3 a year to about every 5-6 weeks. Yah!!!  I have had 5 pregnancies since my surgery and 4 of them didn't make it due to 2 bad eggs, one bad embryo, and a chemical.  I will be 40 on uly 20th and my Little girl is due July 19th.  Never give up hope!!!  I could never get pregnant before the surgery and we have been trying for 18yrs all together.  My best advice is that if you are currently on metformin and due become pregnant down the road, stay on it!!!  I believe that is why I lost my one embryo a couple of years ago.  A fellow member on this board sent me info about pcos, metformin and pregnancy and with this pregnancy I stayed on my metformin (with my ob's permission, he really didn't have a say, I said I was staying on it until month 8)and have a healthy baby girl on her way.  Congrats on your surgery and Best of Luck in the future and I hope your dreams come true Like mine are.


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Nikki Lee
on 4/6/12 10:41 am - Oshawa, Canada
RNY on 08/25/09 with
I found out yesterday that I am 5 weeks.  I have had PCOS from the age of 19.   I just about fell over yester when i saw 2 lines and the a pregnant 3+ on the test I did.  I was not even trying.  I was told that  I would never get pregnant on my own if I ever would at all.  I am 2 1/2 years out and down 225 and still have 75 to go
on 4/10/12 3:23 am
I have PCOS - my husband and I are going to start trying at my 1 year.....we had been trying for years prior to my surgery - with assistance - ultrasounds, drugs, luck.
What I have heard is that it depends on the severity of your PCOS but that RNY helps with PCOS - something to do with the malabsorption I think. Anyway - reducing your body weight will also help tremendously - which we know PCOS makes VERY difficult on your the surgery helps there as well! My surgeon who is well aware of my PCOS told me we had to be SUPER careful I took that as a good sign. I don't know the answers but I am going to be positive about this until there is a reason not to be.....which is super hard when struggling with infertility!
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