LapBand removal procedure code and diagnostic code?

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on 4/16/08 9:08 am
Hello All, I am leaning towards getting my band removed. I had a post earlier. Does anyone have the procedure code and diagnostic code for band&port removal? I have BCBS of Michigan. I have contacted my dr office, they only gave me a generic gastric code. They are acting a little "iffy" which means I will have someone else remove it. Thanks! Shotgunchelle
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on 4/17/08 1:44 am, edited 4/17/08 1:44 am
Remove Band and port is 43774,  removal of band only is 43772, remove and replace is 43773.  Make sure they use the correct one. (those are the procedure codes), diag. will be up to the doc to decide good luck!

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on 4/19/08 5:58 am
Thanks Reese. I am working on the diagnostic codes right now. The 2 my doc's office gave me are not "payable" which will be a problem. I dont' want to pay for it myself. I recently changed to bluecross, I had united last year. They paid for my band and approved me within 2 weeks! I may have to wait until next year to get it removed. With the saline out, it doesn't bother me. I am just concerned with it slipping or something.
Thanks again!
on 5/6/08 4:22 am
HI, just reading the post here, because I am considering having the lap band done. Can I ask why you are having it removed? Thanks, Tracey
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