Taking steps in the right direction

on 8/26/17 7:40 am
VSG on 06/01/14

Although I'm reluctant to accept the fact that I will probably need a revision based on my GERD, i'm at least starting to take steps in the right direction. In ANY case-whether I am able to take the weight off on my own or if I get revision- I need to take several steps to be completely successful long term.

The first thing I did was get out all my protein stuff. Bought some new Quest bars, and bought some new shaker bottles. I really like the protein powders from Bariatric Eating so I ordered one new flavor and I have a nice mix of several flavors. Got all those into canisters and sorted.

The biggest step- I went and hired a trainer. Met with her yesterday. Husband is going too, I think that will help. Since we work opposite shifts we won't be able to work out a lot together during the week, but we are going to take advantage of going to the gym together every Saturday and Sunday.

Today...well today is a day of farewells for me. Having a 'last meal' of the nachos that I really enjoy and going to be clean my house really well. Tomorrow starts a shake reset, regular gym regimen and adjusting to school year chaos. Hubs is a teacher, he and the kiddos are back to school Monday.

on 8/28/17 3:55 pm
VSG on 05/12/14

Good that you're taking steps now. Just to be a realist, I was told (and others have borne this out) that weight loss after revision is not easy. The weight will not simply fall off of you. I was at goal when we were discussing revision from VSG to RNY because of GERD. From the time my surgeon first brought it up to the time of my revision, I probably gained about 10-12 lbs (towards the end, Ritz crackers were the only thing that sopped up the acid). My surgeon told me it could take me a year to lose that weight. A year. He was very close to being right. I'm back at my "almost" goal weight and about 3 lbs up from my lowest.

I guess what I'm saying is that weight loss after revision takes serious mental determination, so I'm glad you're stopping the nachos and other food so you have a fighting chance. Good luck!!!

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