Lap Band to Sleeve Revision plus gallbladder removal

on 9/13/17 12:53 pm
Revision on 11/14/17

Hi all!

I was hoping to get some feedback on a few things. I got a lap band in 2007 at age 18 and 215lbs. Now, 10 years later, I'm at 170-180 give or take (the lowest I ever got was 140), and have decided to revise to the sleeve.

My doctor noticed that a lot of my band complications could be from gallstones, and sure enough! I had plenty. My revision surgery will also include the removal of my gallbladder so... big day!

My questions are pretty simple:

1.) How long realistically should I expect to be away from work? I have a very sedentary desk job and don't have to move much at all throughout the day

2.) I work in marketing for a beer company. Is it possible to drink beer after a sleeve? I'm getting conflicting reports based on what I've read... is the carbonation really too tough to take? I'm not talking drinking 12 beers in a night, I'm wondering more like one beer at a work event a few times a year.

3.) I have a lower BMI, so insurance will not be covering this. Has anyone else with a lower BMI done a revision? For what reasons?

Thanks in advance for all your help!

on 9/17/17 9:34 am

I can not answer all but can give my 2 cents from my own experiences on a couple of your questions.

1) AT the time of my sleeve in 2013, my work required me to be 100% before returning to work, there was no 75% or 50%, but my job was part-time desk work and field work, requiring to lift up to 75lbs. So my time off was 6 wks. before returning to work.

2) My Dr. said that I should refrain from drinking period, because of the absorption rate was or would be increased, and the carbonation from beer in general, would put pressure on the sleeve making it uncomfortable. Pre-sleeve I did drink but not too much, and post sleeve, after 9 months or so I did have a beer or too at a holiday gathering but by that time I really didn't like the taste anymore so stopped altogether. And for me after a couple sips I began to feel the buzz, were before it would be a couple bottles before the buzz arrived.

Sorry I have no info on your last question.

Mary S.
on 9/24/17 7:57 am - Eden Prairie , MN
VSG on 05/15/17
Hi Storm,

Best of luck with your revision. I had a low BMI and was 213.5 when I had a revision from LB to VSG. I could not be happier. My weight loss is slow because I am older, but take time to recover. Every one is different. Because you are having 3 surgeries, you need to go slow. Removal of the band is one, gallstone surgery is 2 and the new stomach VSG is 3. You wont WANT beer, trust me!!!! this is nothing like the band. It will make you so sick, you just won't want it. At 4 months, I have had a few sips of wine, but it does nothing for me, the taste, etc. Plus I don't want to waste my calories/carbs on empty calorie drinks or food! After struggling with the band for so long this is so much easier, I am rarely hungry, have to think about eating. Best of luck to you!!!

Original surgery 12/5/06 - 238

VSG 5/15/17 - SW 213.5, CW 203.5, GW 140