Revision if I have band erosion

on 11/3/17 9:56 pm
FobiPouch on 12/14/17

Hi all

I am booked for a revision - band to Roux-en-Y - on 14 December. My band no longer works. I had some good years but the port leaked, got replaced. The tube blocked and clearing it with a forceful fill left a bit of pain. Since then I have little restriction, and a fill causes reflux pain.

I have wondered if I have a band erosion - well, yesterday I felt the port to be a bit tender, it came up red and swollen. Port infection. I am on antibiotics which have quickly helped.

I will ring the revision surgeon Monday. Any idea what happens next? Do I go back to my original surgeon just to get the band out, and then wait a few months for the revision? Or will I be on antibiotics until 14 December when he will remove the band and do the revision? Or will he push me to bring the surgery forward??

Just trying not to worry that I will miss the revision surgery! I am so looking forward to getting it all sorted!

on 11/6/17 8:49 pm

If it is really and what might happen is they may do the first surgery to remove the band then let you heal for 3 months then do the revision. This is what I was told was one of my risks doing into my revision surgery. I was lucky enough to have it all completed in 1 surgery but I only had major encapsulation, not erosion.

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on 11/7/17 7:28 pm
FobiPouch on 12/14/17

Thanks for your post!

I am very relieved - had a gastrectomy earlier today (swallowing a camera). Not fun!

Anyway, no band erosion - in fact, no restriction at all. He thinks the band may have come undone and the buckle be pushing the diaphragm, hence the sharp pain from time to time. Infection was perhaps a remnant of the port replacement this time last year.

The sooner that band is out the better. Too much trouble, feels like a little alien in me. My partner has taken to calling me Signorney!!

So, back on track for single operation, 14 December. Bring it on...

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