Approved for revision..tests results

on 1/15/18 7:06 pm - Richmond, VA

i started out at 450....had RNY in 2009 starting at been stuck at 225...Went to new Dr (I moved out of state from previous) and was immediately approved. Waiting for surgery date. Here are results of Upper GI......

Status post gastric bypass. Preliminary radiograph of the abdomen shows nonobstructive bowel gas pattern. Scattered surgical staples are present. The patient drinks barium contrast without difficulty. The distal esophagus has a normal course, contour and caliber. Gastric pouch opacifies with contrast normally. Its size is minimally enlarged. There is no evidence for leak. No ulceration The gastrojejunostomy is widely patent. Its size is larger than usually observed. No evidence for leak. The proximal jejunum shows redundancy of the candy cane short limb with a large reservoir pocket. The patient is given a barium meal. This readily passes through the anastomosis into the proximal jejunum and is observed to fill the short limb of the candy cane. Impression: Gastric pouch size is minimally enlarged but the anastomosis is wider than usually observed with near immediate passage of barium meal into the jejunum. The short limb of the candy cane is larger than usually observed and acts as a reservoir for barium meal.


on 1/16/18 3:38 pm - WI

It looks like your pouch is fine (a little enlarged which is normal. It is supposed to grow), but you have stretched your stoma. The biggest culprit that causes stretched stoma is drinking with meals. The next would be over filling your pouch, taking bites that are too big, and not chewing well enough. The combination of all of the above will guarantee a stretched stoma. Pushing large pieces of food through the stoma with fluids will ruin a WLS fast.

I am assuming they will be doing an over stitch procedure or the ROSE procedure to correct it? Just know that you have to be super vigilant about not drinking with meals, how much you eat, and chewing after these procedures. They have a high failure rate, usually from non-compliance.

The candy cane limb can cause some real pain. Fixing that will help with painful gas and gastric distress.

Good luck with your revision. Work it! We only have so many chances to get it right before nothing else can be done. You can do this!

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