Rny revision

on 2/5/18 5:18 pm

Hi I was wondering does anyone know if you can get a revision where they make your stomach smaller and bypass more intestine thanks

on 2/12/18 12:31 am
VSG on 05/05/17

Yes... speak to your original surgeon. I had it done not by choice....

VSG 5/5/17 pre op diet weight 391 SW 373 M1:-19 M2:-12 M3:-7 M4:-7 RNY 9/13/17 SW 319.6 M1:-10 M2:-10.6 M3:-8 M4:-9.5 M5:-3 M6:-6

on 2/20/18 5:43 pm - New York, NY

You can get an revision to the bypass. Most convert to a DS because there are mixed results when remaking the pouch.