Can You Hemorrhage on a Menstrual Cycle

on 12/31/08 2:58 am - IN
Ladies please tell me this is normal....I am bleeding through the heavest pad that I can get....I go through them about 2-3 hours....last night I woke up and noticed I needed to go to the bathroom...I stood up and it ran down my legs.....

I have not had cycles the past 2 years (boy I miss that)...this is my third one since my surgery..the other two were not nearly like this......I am on day 3 of this heavy flow and I am just scared that I am going to lose to much blood thus taking my iron count too low....

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on 12/31/08 3:01 am - TX
Yes you can hemorrhage on a menstrual cycle. I know because this has happened to me. Go the nearest ER or clinic. Or call your gyno. They need to give you hormones to stop the bleeding. I hope this helps.
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on 12/31/08 3:07 am - monaca, PA
That's how I am every month.  You should probably make an appointment to see your OBYGYN, you may have a fibriod.  They want to put a balloon inside of my uterus and fill it full of ho****er and scald the lining off.  Doc claims it will cut down on the bleeding and HUUUUUGE clots.




on 12/31/08 3:11 am - Grand Prairie, TX
I agree with the above message.  It is prob just your hormones felxing their muscles, but it will plummet your iron count and make you anemic in a heartbeat.  Getting it checked out is a must because you could have an underlying issue such as fibroids or adenomyosis.  You don't need to go to the ER though unless you 1) soak through one or more thick pads per hour. 2) feel lightheaded or sick to your stomach. 3) You become pale or dehydrated.  Watch these things and get into your GYN as soon as you can, get a sono to rule out fibroids, and drink lots and lots of water to keep hydrated.  Hope all goes well.  By the way..this is just experience with work (I am an ultrasound tech), and personal.  Call the Dr, for I did not have the patience to become
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on 12/31/08 3:12 am - Waukesha, WI
Yes, you can.  Call your doctor.  My sister had it so bad that even towels weren't enough.  She had to go to get a transfusion and meds to stop the bleeding.  She did end up having the scalding water balloon thingy and it worked for a couple years.  Now she is having the problem again!  It's hell getting old.
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on 12/31/08 4:56 am - greene, NY
I had the Nova Sure Baloon Ablation for just this reason. My iron was so low I took 2 full reg strenth iron tabs a day and it took about 3 months to get my anemia under control. Played hell on my belly as iron tends to be that way, but the Ablation worked wonderful. Now mine is so light I can wear either a regular pad or just a tampong and it works. Before the procedure I would have to use a tampon and 2 heavy or overnight pads to keep it in check! And even then I could soak thru in under an hour or so. I had to get spare scrubs like twice at work. Talk about embarassing.. and thankful I had a cell phone in my pocket!(and work with mostly all females)
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on 12/31/08 4:59 am - SC
Yep and like some said it can kill your iron. I went on Yaz to control the murder scenes but there's a bunch of options.

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