Protein in urine

on 7/28/10 2:07 pm - TX
Hi there,

Does anyone know what I can do about the protein in my urine? My doctor said if it persist, I will need to see a urologist before it damages my kidneys! The blood sugar numbers are good and my hg1ac is at 6.2. So,  what's up with that? Why am i spilling protein into my kidneys?
By the way I am on my third level of an appeal with Tricare for the Gastic bypass. I'm still arguing the fact that i had the Lapband and due to complications it was removed. I have the life threatening deseases but, they insist in just looking at the fact that I am 15 lbs. under the 100 lbs. over my ideal weight and forgetting that I have had previous wls with sleep apnea, high blood pressure, osteoarthrtist, Fibromyalgia,   degenerating hips.

on 7/28/10 2:11 pm

I have had protein in my urine before and the doc told me if I was just getting of my period or about to start it could show up as protein. I hope this helps!!

on 7/28/10 2:37 pm
RNY on 07/21/10 with
I'd probably suggest going to the urologist anyway, just because they'll have more experience with appropriate suggestions based on your specific history.    Any advice we could offer here wouldn't necessarily apply in your situation.

About the insurance issue - that's so frustrating.  Is your BMI above 35?

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Have you done a 24 hour urine test for protein?  I have protein in my urine everytime I do a urinalysis and they just dip it.  But when I did a 24 hour urine for protein, it came out normal, so my Endocrinologist said not worry about it.  My creatinine is normal, so I am not worried.


on 7/28/10 4:32 pm - TX
Thank you for your quick response.  I stopped having a cycle 7 years ago.
I think that is what the Drs. office did is use a dip stick!
Yes, insurances are so frustrating to deal with! My bmi is 36.6, probably more since I have gained more wait.  
I think I will make an appointment with a urologist to be on the safe side.

Thanks all