protein, pudding and jello...oh my!

on 12/11/10 12:15 pm - Nottingham, MD
I was just wondering how you utilize sugar free jello and pudding in regards to protein?

I know you can add protein powder into the pudding. Or I can add pudding mix into my protein shakes.

But what about the jello? Can protein be mixed in?
on 12/11/10 12:19 pm - New Bedford, MA
RNY on 10/04/10 with
 I make it just as the directions say too and then add 2 scoops of protein powder before mixing, if you use a blender to mix and then refrigerate for 10 minutes it comes out like a nice fluffy mousse! Its great! 
I also add 1 TBS of pudding mix to flavor and thicken my protein shakes.
on 12/11/10 12:44 pm - Nottingham, MD

Sorry....was it the jello or the pudding that you added the protein powder to before mixing to make a fluffy mousse?

on 12/12/10 1:58 pm - New Bedford, MA
RNY on 10/04/10 with
Pudding. I tried to make protein jello once....epic fail lol
Brenda R.
on 12/11/10 12:33 pm - Middle O'Nowhere, AZ
RNY on 03/22/10 with
I don't know if protein can be mixed into regular jellor or not, but I saw this recently.  Not too bad of an idea. 100 calories & 25g of protein.  I haven't had jello since right after my surgery so I'm not running out to buy this quite yet. I'm still burnt out on Jello.

Surgery - 3/22/2010 --- Stricture corrected - 4/30/2010

on 12/11/10 12:41 pm - NV
i did the jello and protein it was ok ... but i felt weird eating a lot of it ...

i was thinking about adding pudding to my shakes as i am fed up with same old flavors .. why not right ... i made proein pudding  SF white choclolate with vanilla protein ( only used half scoop) and i added powdered milk we will see my second attempt i did  banana creme with unfloavor and well it was tossed becauseit was disgusting the unflavor gave it a bitter bite atthe end
Dave Chambers
on 12/11/10 2:51 pm - Mira Loma, CA
RNY on 05/10/06 with
Many new post ops at my support groups get a lot of their initial proteins via SF pudding with an unflavored whey isolate protein. My personal web site shows a generic whey isolate protein I found a couple of years ago. Mixes almost by itself with water or milk, and has no flavor nor any gritty texture.  I've even added this unflavored protein to other protein shakes for a bigger protein boost.  It works well with oatmeal, chili, soups, refried beans, etc. too. DAVE

Dave Chambers, 6'3" tall, 365 before RNY, 185 low, 200 currently. My profile page: product reviews, tips for your journey, hi protein snacks, hi potency delicious green tea, and personal web site.
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on 12/12/10 1:08 am
I found a website on Friday, that has protein gelatin snacks with 23 grams of protein each! The site says available exclusively at GNC.
Russel B.
on 12/12/10 11:30 pm - Ellicott City, MD
It's funny, my wife is having surgery tomorrow (one day before my one year surgeversary) and I've been tinkering with protein jello for her.  After a few failures, I found that if you mix the powder with the ho****er while mixing the unflavored protein with the cold water (in my case two scoops of protein for the larger box of jello) and then refridgerate it for a while it works out well.  Of course, I am told I have a high tolerance for yuck, lol.  the test will be today when DW tries it while on the day before surgery required all liquid diet.  She's a little less yuck tolerant than I am.

My biggest failure in trying this was mixing the jello powder and the protein powder together before adding the ho****er.  Between the clouding caused by the protein making it hard to see if I had mixed the jello well enough and the clumping of the protein when mixed with ho****er I ended up with a grainy lumpy batch of mess

As encouraged by Jen and Nik - I had fun playing with my food this weekend.

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