Help...what are the BEST tasting Protein Drinks for the Liquid phase (3 wks after surgery)?

on 2/13/11 5:14 am - Garner, NC

Scheduled for RNY on March 2nd and am beginning to look around for items I'll need after surgery.  I'm looking at buying protein drinks now.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what are the BEST TASTING protein drinks out there available for use after surgery during the 3 week liquid diet???

Also how many protein drinks do you have to drink daily?  Is it 3 (breakfast, lunch, dinner)?

Boost HIGH PROTEIN is on our "list" of protein drink options, but these protein drinks also have 27 grams of sugar instead of the recommended 15-20 grams of sugar.  Yes, it provide more protein than the recommended 13 grams but was wondering if the sugar level would be a problem.  Not sure that the HIGH PROTEIN BOOST drinks are a "real" option due to the sugar level.  Any one use them and find them okay after surgery??

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for your help!!!!!    

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on 2/13/11 5:28 am
On my program the Boost would have too much sugar and too little protein. I am using Body Fortress from Wal-Mart right now, on my pre op liquid diet. 1 gram of sugar and 26 grams of protein. My protein goal is 70 grams per day.
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on 2/13/11 5:33 am - Bowie, MD
Our favorite is the BSN Synthra6 and Lean Dessert proteins. has samples at reasonable prices.  My favorite Synthra 6 is strawberry milkshake, chocolate milkshake and cookies and cream.  My favorite Lean Dessert is whipped is slightly thicker than syntra 6.  I usually flavor is sugar free syrups or sugar free pudding mixes and milk and ice.  I also love Click (available on Amazon) but it has espresso in it and I am over three years out.  Best of luck finding ones you like.  Everyone's taste is different so try samples first. 
on 2/13/11 5:36 am - OH
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Please remember your taste buds will change post surgery!
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on 2/13/11 5:43 am - OH
I'm surprised that they would put the high sugar Boost on your "approved" list.  Liquids with too much sugar will make you dump even more quickly (in terms of time) and more strongly because it goes right through the pouch into the intestines.

Taste is VERY subjective when it comes to protein drinks, and the smell and texture often come into play as well.  I would suggest that you go out to and order a bunch of different samples so that you can find out what YOU like rather than trust what anyone else likes.  As someone else mentioned, something you like now may make you gag after surgery.  I don't know why it happens, but it frequently does.


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on 2/13/11 7:19 am - CT
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My fave was GNC AMP in strawberry yummy and no protein taste, a favorite of bodybuilders for muscle (those are the people to trust because they have tried everything and want zero carbs)
on 2/13/11 7:20 am
I liked the Atkins shakes during my first post op phase...the milk chocolate and strawberry.  The vanilla is good but the consistancy was too thick for I diluded it with skim milk and then it was okay.  You can find them the cheapest at Walmart..approx $5 for a 4 pack.
on 2/13/11 7:55 am - CA
RNY on 12/17/10 with
My favorite is Optimum Nutrition. They have a million flavors and I can never taste the protein. It's 24 grams of protein per scoop, 1 sugar, 120 calories and 3 carbs. You can get samples of some of the flavors from Vitalady.

Shannon D.
on 2/13/11 9:09 am - Columbus, OH
For on the go convenience...I just got hip to Pure Protein Shakes.  They are in a can sold seperately at trader joe's.  I think Target has them too.  They come in Vanilla or Chocolate.  21g or 35g. (The 35g are $2.29 each...i know (yikes!) but the convenience is what I need sometimes) I'm 22weeks post-op and drink 2 (35g shakes) daily and eat more protein to put me over 100 daily.
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Best Wishes!

on 2/13/11 10:08 am
I seen muscle milk light pre made shakes at costco today.  Anyone tried those?  Didn't want to buy a case and they are disgusting.  I like the body fortress chocolate made with warm skim milk but could use some pre made for my late mornings.
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