"WannaBe" Quest Protein Bar recipe

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on 6/19/11 8:12 pm, edited 6/22/11 5:25 am - CA
I was fooling around in the kitchen tonight with an idea of making a simple EZ homemade copycat of those awesome Quest Bars I got samples of last week. I think Quest Bars are fantastic -the ingredients and stats are wonderful. I placed a order for a box of them yesterday. In the meantime I came up with two of my own versions. They don't need to be refrigerated if baked. They are really good. Fiber 500 is sold on netrition.

#1- Vanilla Almond Bar (makes 2 bars)

2 Tablespoons Trader Joe's raw almond Butter ( I put salt in mine)
2 Tablespoons Torani almond sugar free syrup ( or SF syrup flavor of choice)
1 scoop Nectar sweets Vanilla Bean Torte protein powder ( or Optimum Nutrition unflavored any whey)
1/4 cup Golden flax meal (made with Bob's Red Mill) OR 1/4 cup oat fiber 500- this would reduce the fat and carb stats and add a bit more fiber. OR a combo of both flax and oat fiber500.

Put the two TB almond butter in a cereal bowl. Add one Tablespoon of the almond syrup and stir. Sprinkle in the one scoop of protein powder and stir, add the second Tablespoon of almond syrup, stir. Finally add the golden flax meal and stir. It should be very stiff and hold it's shape.

Sprinkle a little ground flax on the cutting board and flatten the cookie dough down to desired thickness. Using a biscuit cutter make two cookies. Or make a bar- up to you. Wrap in plastic and freeze for 1 hour.

stats per bar using the stuff I used tonight :

205 calories per cookie
19 gram protein per cookie
13 grams fat per cookie
1 gram sugar per cookie
5.25 grams fiber per cookie
7 total carbs
1.75 net carbs

Recipe # 2- Better N Peanut Butter bars (makes two bars)

2 Tablespoons Better N Peanut Butter
1/4 cup golden flax meal (Bob's Red Mill seeds) OR 1/4 cup Oat Fiber 500
1 scoop Nectar sweets Vanilla Bean Torte protein powder
2 Tablespoons Da Vinci sugar free Peanut Butter syrup

Add the two TB Better N Peanut Butter to a small bowl. Add one TB of the peanut butter syrup and stir, it will be a bit sticky. Add the protein powder a little at a time and stire then add the other TB of PB syrup and stir some more. Finally add the 1/4 golden flax meal and stir it up.

Sprinkle a little flax on counter and plop the dough out. Use a biscuit cutter to make two cookies or a bar mold. Wrap in plastic and freeze for 1 to 2 hours. Then just keep in the refrigerator.

stats per Peanut butter bar:

160 calories per bar
17 grams protein

5.5 grams fat
1 gram sugar
4.75 grams fiber
total carbs per bar 10.5
net carbs per bar 5.75

I pressed in .5 TB of nut topping per cookie to these from "First Street" I didn't factor that in though it's just an extra crunchy bit if you can spare a few extra fat calories for the day.

Edited to add that after freezing an hour I baked the vanilla almond cookies in the regular oven at low temp on highest rack for up to 10minutes. Nice and chewy with some crunch and good to grab and go. Or just eat cookie dough unbaked.
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on 6/19/11 9:24 pm - CA
  For the Vanilla Almond bars made using Oat Fiber 500, per bar it comes out to:

145 calories 
16 grams protein
9 grams fat
6 grams fiber
6 grams total carbs
0 grams net carbs.
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on 7/2/11 5:27 pm - CA
  In all seriousness,  the ones using the Better N Peanut Butter did not turn out good at all. So I added a egg white  some soy nuts and it made a PB brownie type thing, and this was using the Optimum and the oat fiber, it was okay but wouldn't make it again. Scratch that.

The almond one is pretty good using one TB oat fiber 500 and 1 TB golden flaxmeal the Optimum and some sweetner and almond syrup. The fat in the raw almond butter makes it moist. It's good unbaked or baked on low for maybe 5 minutes till set? didn't time it.

The nectar Vanilla Torte adds more sweetness to the Almond one but kind of overpowers the almond taste IMO.

pLAYING in the kitchen waiting for my Quest bars to come, so I threw it together quick after reading the label. Def not a finished recipe. Anyway just thought I would add this in case anyone tried it. At least it's just 1 scoop of powder not 8 like I wasted on a big recipe  I tried  and didn't like :)
on 6/19/11 10:37 pm - Milton, NH
Sounds Yummy I may have to try this out.  DH & I are looking for something sweet and chewy.  Something different.  Thanks for the info!

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on 6/19/11 11:37 pm - Dayton, OH
Thanks for the recipes.  I like Quest bars, but find them a little pricey.  I will have to try these, they certainly sound simple enough.  Thanks again.

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