Kathy M.
on 9/29/11 7:48 am - summershade, KY
I got a question  if we take a B-12 table do we need to take the shots to

Kathy M

on 9/29/11 7:55 am - CA

I take a melt away twice a weeks but will switch to injections if my Reg doc will do it, it seems to be the only thing I forget and now that my operation is done its importantthat it been taken.
I won't do both!
good luck!

on 9/29/11 7:55 am
Nope, you need only take one or the other.

Just make sure that if you take the tablets you buy the sub-lingual kind and let them dissolve under your tongue. I personally love the Trader Joe's brand as they are tiny and taste like berry!

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on 9/29/11 7:57 am - OH
No, we don't.

If you want to take a B12 tablet, though, make sure you get a sublingual one that you dissolve under your tongue.  You won't absorb on that you swallow.

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