Fundic Gland Polyps and Duodenitis

on 10/14/11 4:19 am - VA
RNY on 09/14/11 with

Just got results from endo in the mail.  I knew about the polyps because they told me at the time when I woke up.  I didn't know what kind they were.  My esophagus was normal. 

I didn't take PPI's so that's not why I have them.  (Wonder if they were caused by Nsaids)  Never used Nsaids a lot, but did use them.  My mother (and son) can't take Nsaids and I wonder if they were causing me problems but I was asymptomatic?

Maybe I should quit reading the inernet because it's not like they can scope me in the future.  I think they can do scans?  Seems like having these kinds of polyps makes you more suceptable to colon cancer. (sourced at NIH website)  or not depending on which study you read. Sheesh!


HW: 218, SW: 204, CW: 139 GW: 112-119

on 10/14/11 5:28 pm - Suffern, NY
Fundic gland polyps are very common in people that either take PPI's long term or in people that have had high levels of acid in there stomach long term - even though you say you havent' taken PPI's, have you had any heartburn or reflux?  Have you had any ulcers?  they can also be caused by severe gastritis


on 10/16/11 12:59 am - VA
RNY on 09/14/11 with
Nope never had any of that.  Something obviously caused them, but whatever it was wasn't causing any symptoms.  No sign of ulcers, reflux or anything.  Do you think it will matter that they are just sitting in my remnant?  Probably not or they wouldn't have done the RNY.

HW: 218, SW: 204, CW: 139 GW: 112-119

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