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on 10/15/11 7:51 am - Chandler, AZ
RNY on 08/17/11 with
Dominex Vegetarian Eggplant Meatballs are delicious, nutritious and have to be tried to be believed.  We’ve applied the same concept of the Eggplant Burger but ratcheted up the zesty Italian seasonings and  created a meat substitute that has the “bite" and taste of a meatball but with only a fraction of the fat and calories. Our secret – it’s the eggplant! 

5 "meatballs":
2.5g fat
9g carbs
5g fiber
3g sugar
9g protein 

Ingredients: Eggplant, Rehydrated Textured  Vegetable Protein (Soy Flour,  Caramel Color), Onions, Parmesan  Cheese (Pasteurized Part-Skim  Milk, Cheese Culture, Salt,  Enzymes), Isolated Soy Protein,  Contains 2% or Less of Flavorings,  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Native Rice  Starch, Methylcellulose, Seasoning  (Maltodextrin, Salt, Natural Flavor,   Flavor), Salt, Dehydrated Parsley,  Caramel Coloring.
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Michelle E.
on 10/15/11 8:03 am
Sound Yummers.. thinking making some from scratch or some raviolis
on 10/15/11 8:07 am - Chandler, AZ
RNY on 08/17/11 with
They sound really good to me...I am always looking for a good protein source that might not sit as heavy as meat in my pouch.
"Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come"           

Price S.
on 10/15/11 9:40 am - Mills River, NC
they do sound good.  I love eggplant.

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on 10/16/11 2:18 am - WI
VSG on 02/13/12
Where did you find these?  Are they in the frozen section?  They sound delicious!
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