on 11/23/11 4:28 am - MI
Anyone here have experience to share about sclerotherapy? Just curious...thanks in advance!

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on 11/23/11 4:31 am
I have had it but in conjunction with Phlebectomy and the Injections. I had varicose veins though, not just spider veins. I have actually had the surgical stripping too. I have been very happy with all of my results and luckily it was covered by my insurance.  Are you looking at using a Vascular Surgeon or a Radiologist (interventionist)? Good luck!

Hope your day is great!

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on 11/23/11 6:36 am
Are you talking about sclerotherapy to make your stoma smaller?  I have never heard of anyone having success with this procedure.  You are better off with a regular revision if that is what you need.

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Karen D.
on 11/23/11 10:29 am - NY
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I had it done last year.  I had bad veins so they were removed surgically and then I had the sclerotherapy after I healed.  It has worked, it takes a little time to heal from it though, the veins won't disappear overnight.  I can't believe how much better my legs feel and no more veins that look like they are going to explode!

My insurance paid for the vein stripping but did not pay for the was $325.00 per visit.
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