Beginning of an Ulcer?

on 2/8/12 11:01 am
This morning I woke up and went to the bathroom and had the worst stomach pain imaginable. Seems like the pain radiated from my pouch all the way to my large intestine. I had cramps and I eliminated all the wastes from my bowels. The pain was excrutiating but it stopped after my 2nd stool movement.

Afterwards, I ate some crackers and cream cheese (because I felt I needed a little starch) and I was ok (besides a rapid heart beat because of the crackers). Tonight I'm eating dinner and I'm hearing a lot of "gurgling". Is gurgling a sign of the beginning of an ulcer? I hope I don't wake tomorrow to the pain that I experienced today.


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on 2/8/12 11:19 am - Suffern, NY
symptoms of an ulcers are abdominal pain and a gnawing pain - like you are hungry all the time.  Most people feel better immediately after eating and the pain is worse when there stomach is empty.

Are you taking a PPI?  Have you taken any NSAIDS? aspirin? steroids? drink alcohol? smoke?  PPI protect from ulcers and the others all can cause ulcers.  If you think you have one, you need to get an endoscopy ASAP to see if you have one and to get a biopsy to check for the bacteria Hpylori because some ulcers are caused by this bacteria and need to be treated with a combination of PPI and antibiotics.  goodluck and dont' put it off because they just get worse and can eventually perforate and bleed


on 2/8/12 11:19 am - OH
Doesn't sound like an ulcer to me.  I don't think ulcers typically cause pain when you poop.  And a lot of gurging is pretty common and doesn't indicate an ulcer either, as far as I know.  Symptoms of an ulcer would typically include pain and nausea after eating.

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on 2/8/12 1:30 pm
Thank you, my stomach has quieted down. I'm going to keep a eye on it though.