on 5/2/12 3:39 am
I went to Walmart and our  Meijers and couldn't find Benefiber on the shelves-ok, checked with our local drugstore and the druggist checked  on his computer and said the manufacturer has taken it off the market. Does anyone know anything about this--if I can't get it anymore any suggestions of what to use in it's place--can't stand Metmucel (sp) !  
on 5/2/12 3:51 am
All I know is I had difficulty finding it too.  @ CVS we were told it was taken off the market.  Walgreens did not have an explanation.  I bought mine at a grocery store, and they had a large selection.  Walgreens said they had not heard it was taken off the market.  I went to their websie, and it does not say anything about it being off the market.  I may have   found mine at Walmart.  I can';t remember;  I just know I went to several places in order to find it.  I would contact the manufacturer.  I mix mine with one serving Miralax with one serving orange flavored Benefiber.

on 5/2/12 5:08 am
RNY on 02/24/12
Will have to watch for why it has been removed since I have a full container.  Has other fiber mfgs pulled theirs too?

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on 5/2/12 6:32 am - Sacramento, CA
I use the equate brand at Walmart. Same thing. Its worked so far.

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on 5/2/12 8:22 am
Thanks--I'll look for that brand at Walmart tomorrow .
on 5/2/12 8:30 am - Ottawa, Canada
 I don't know about in the US, but it's available @ Costco in Ontario.  I just picked up some last week.

I don't think Benefiber has been taken off the market.  In January,  Novartis , the company that makes Benefiber recalled a bunch of products, because of cross contamination (bits of one product, ending up in packages of another product).  Although Benefiber was not among the recalled products, the factories where it is made, were temporarely shut down.  I'm not sure when production resumed, but it likely has.


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on 5/3/12 3:30 am
Thank you Tammy for the information--certainly hope they reopen soon and start shipping the Benefiber to customers here in the States.