Another hernia surgery - advice about tummy tuck and skin removal

on 8/22/12 10:21 am - Alton, IL
Okay - I've got another hernia - this one requires general anesthesia and mesh.  I talked to the surgeon about the possibility of a tummy tuck (if I could figure out a way to pay for it).  He did say that because I had a lot of scars with adhesions on my stomach that the results may not be as cosmetically pleasing as I may like.  I need some input from those of you that have had this done.  I can imagine that anything that is better than my "butt in the front" with all the saggy skin would please me.  I have  an up and down c-section scar and numerous scars from my weight loss surgeries.  It seems like my one chance - not sure what to think.  I'd like to hear from those of you with similar experiences.
on 8/22/12 11:05 am
I had a lower cut c-sect scar & my rny scars -- my hernia repair was the surprise, hernia was found during what was scheduled as a panniculectomy.  Bonus for me was the muscle work was done to repair the hernia.  My c-section scar was completely removed during the procedure.  I had major stretch marks, and those are still there, with the lap scars.  Still, I love my results.  I have early out tummy pics on my profile here.  It looks even better now. 

I hope you can find a way to do it!  It made a world of difference in my self image. 

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on 8/22/12 6:21 pm - OH
Even if it does not look perfect when you are nude, it will make a huge difference when you are clothed.   My my tuck incision turned necrotic and I ended up with a giant triangular-shaped "crater" in my belly that took 5 months to heal, so I now have scars over my ribcage and under my breasts (I had a "reverse" tummy tuck... A true "T" shape) that look like burn scars (and some stretch marks as well) so I won't be wearing a bikini ever, but I love having a flat tummy for the first time in my adult life.  Even with the scarring, and with the little mini spots of residual fat on my sides above my waist (I did not want to pay several hundred dollars more for lipo since I was completely self pay), it looks SO much better than when I had all that extra skin, and no one can see the imperfections when I am clothed.

Because of my complication, I won't ever encourage someone to have any plastic surgery, but I can say that, even with the complication, I am glad that I had it done.


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on 8/26/12 7:36 pm - Alton, IL
 Thanks for the responses.  I doubt I would be able to even consider putting my family through having me under for the extra time but it's my one shot at this so I wanted all opinions.  I got an ear full from a friend over the weekend because I was even entertaining the idea.  I know you all understand why I even consider it.  Thank you for your input.  Even getting rid of this alien poking out of my upper tumm (my hernia, lol) will be an improvement.