Why is breakfast so hard to eat?

Holley K.
on 12/31/12 2:04 am - Old Orchard Beach, ME


I'm 3 weeks out and I seem to have hard time with breakfast.  I've tried, eggs, protein pudding, protein shakes, cream of rice....everything I eat in the morning just doesn't sit well.  By the time I get to lunch my pouch seems better.  I wish I could find a way to make breakfast cause less discomfort.

on 12/31/12 2:06 am - Sacramento, CA
I'm the same way. Breakfast is always the hardest. It's like my pouch isn't awake yet. By lunch I'm good. I always eat light in the morning. Nothing to heavy or dense. If I do eat dense protien it's usually very little.

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on 12/31/12 2:10 am
Same here. I drink my shake and then eat a little later.
on 12/31/12 2:12 am - MD
RNY on 11/13/12

Breakfast is my worse!!!  I usually don't end up eating until 9:30 or 10:00 a.m.

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on 12/31/12 2:14 am
RNY on 11/27/12

My dietitian went over morning routine with me. She suggested that I drink hot tea in the morning to relax and kick start my pouch. It has help me so far. Good luck.

on 12/31/12 2:56 am
I will be 13 wks postop. I start with some warm green tea or coffee.
It helps.
on 12/31/12 3:08 am - OH
I'm 5 months out and I still have problems with breakfast. I have coffee at 7 then at 9:30-10 I can eat peanutbutter toast or a protein bar. I have to wait atleast 2.5 hours to eat otherwise it will come right back up!
on 12/31/12 3:12 am - MI

I am still pre-surg but am one of those who can go without eating till evening and then eat everything in sight.  I have now started drinking a protein shake in the morning and I have been feeling a lot better.  I cannot imagine eating in the morning so I imagine I will be doing protein shakes in the morning for some time.  Perhaps when I get to the pureed food stage, I might be able to have a bit of FF refried beans with some melted cheese and a couple of drops of bacon flavoring.

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on 12/31/12 4:12 am - Spokane, WA

I understand the morning thing.   I am just over a year out and I still can't do breakfast, never have been able to eat when I get up.  I drink a hot protein drink when I wake at 530 and then at 9 or so, I can eat, but it is usually greek yogart.  I just can't do dense anything in the morning.  It comes back up or I feel sick the rest of the day.  Once I get past 11am, then I am usually fine with whatever I eat.  My physician said that sometimes our stomachs just dry out so much at night, that we need to 'prime' them with a lot of fluid before we eat dense food.  Works for me and it seems to be working for my weight loss.

on 12/31/12 4:35 am

I'm 4 years out from RNY and I still have issues with breakfast. I usually have something light a shake or yogurt.