Sugar free hot chocolate

on 2/9/13 12:28 am, edited 2/9/13 12:29 am
Can I have sugar fee hot chcollate my first week home
on 2/9/13 12:40 am
RNY on 12/20/12

I had hot chocolate protein drinks for weeks.  I would think sugar free would be fine for you.  Just my opinion.

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That is what I had every night before bed. I mixed in protein powder too. -make-hot-protein-drink.html

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on 2/9/13 2:42 am
Is there sugar free or no sugar added. Can anyone recommend a brand
on 2/9/13 11:25 am - lebanon, TN
Swiss miss. The diet has less carbs than sugar free both taste pretty good
on 2/9/13 3:44 am - DE
RNY on 11/05/12
I use healthwise brand hot chocolate which I get from my surgeon's office. 15 g protein in each cup. And it is pretty tasty! I especially like their vanilla cappuccino.
on 2/9/13 4:03 am
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there is a no sugar added in grocery stores.  I do the nestle no sugar added.  the diet one is nasty to me.  If you go on Bariatric Foodie she shows you how to add protein powder to the hot chocolate.  You really need to focus on the protien so I recommend you adding protien to anything and everything!!!!!




on 2/9/13 4:55 am - TN

I had chocolate sugerfree pudding and my surgery was just Thursday.. By far the best tasting thing I've had!

on 2/9/13 11:58 am

I love it too...even at 1 1/2 year out.

on 2/9/13 6:40 am
RNY on 06/18/12
On February 9, 2013 at 8:28 AM Pacific Time, michaela67 wrote:
Can I have sugar fee hot chcollate my first week home
Sure can and to make it even better, add some protein powder!! Yummy!