Hospital Family Supports

on 9/12/17 1:13 pm

Surgery is now two days away and I am feeling unsure about who I need when and where. Did a family member stay with you overnight? Was it required?

I know most people say they are really sleepy and just want to rest. As a mom of two young kids the quiet restful time is also appealing.

Would love to hear about your experiences.

on 9/12/17 2:08 pm
RNY on 03/29/17 with

It depends on you and your own emotional needs, medically it isn't necessary.

I don't like having to worry about reassuring a loved one that my moan, yelp, or other indicators of distress are not really a big deal - so I asked my family to stay away and let me do my own thing. I worked at the hospital where I had my surgery, so coworkers visited during the day but I was happy for my own time. A good friend insisted on being there for my actual surgery but that was more about him and less about me :)

I was getting up every hour, on the hour, and dragging my IV around the floor (shuffling more than walking) the first day, and up when ever I was awake through the night. I would walk to the ice machine, refill my ice pack then go back to bed. The nurses would have done that for me, but I needed to keep moving so doing it myself seemed like the best option. I kept ice on my incision, especially the "big" one that was most tender. Having someone there fussing over me, or being woken up as I tried to get out of bed would have been more a pain.

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on 9/13/17 5:57 am

I think I am similar to you in that I prefer to do my own thing. I don't really want to manage anyones emotions while I am trying to get better. Thanks for the contribution!

on 9/12/17 3:03 pm - MN
RNY on 11/26/12

I went in for surgery on a Monday and was discharged on a Thursday. There was someone required to be there for registration and checkout. No one stayed overnight. DH did come and help walk hallway laps for assurance. DH also took a week off from week being great help the first day, so-so help the next day, and then he must have decided he had done enough. Again, assurance he was close by was worth quite a bit.

on 9/13/17 5:57 am

Thank you.

Grim Traveller
on 9/12/17 4:09 pm
RNY on 08/21/12

You shouldn't need anyone to take care of you, but having someone take care of your kids for a day or two would be nice.

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on 9/13/17 5:58 am

Thank you! My kids will be staying home with grandma while I am in the hospital for sure.

on 9/12/17 4:27 pm - Philadelphia, PA
RNY on 04/28/15

Nope no one stayed with me overnight, I don't even think it would be allowed. It's the nurses job to take care of you while in the hospital.

I face timed my kiddos so they could see I was fine.

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on 9/13/17 5:58 am

Yes - Facetime is a great idea. We will do that for sure. If grandma can figure out how to answer ;-)

on 9/12/17 6:49 pm
RNY on 07/11/17

Hi ,

My husband stayed with me and slept in my hospital room for two nights. He even worked from there. I was an out of town revision surgery so thus the need to stay in hospital the extra day. Plus my insurance paid for it and actually approved 3 nights which I chose not to exercise. I am so glad he was with me. He walked me around the hospital.

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