looking for friendship

on 9/12/04 1:57 am - MODESTO, CA
Hi my name is Jeannie Goodmon, I had wls 7 months ago, feeling great, looking foward to my new beginnings...I recently started college, taking bookkeeping classes, thinking about buying myself a horse to start riding again with my 12 yr old daughter Nikki. Wanting to meet a friend to chat with....would love to have something in common with this friend, such as wls...maybe they should make a dating board where you can enter your dating profile? Its a thought.... Jeannie
on 10/18/04 3:30 am
A dating board would be great!!! To be able to meet a guy, go out to dinner and not have to explain why I'm not eating any more...ahhh that would be heaven!!!
on 10/23/04 8:17 pm - Leesburg, VA
RNY on 09/14/04 with
ditto that. I got dumped mid surgery literally. So to have someone new that understands and supports all of this with out the questions, without the sarcasm would be a treat.
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