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Has anyone used Herbalife instead of Optifast

on 6/18/08 4:42 pm - Sherwood, Australia
My surgeon's preference is optifast, but I was wondering if anyone has used Herbalife shakes instead.  I have had those before and they are not too bad.
on 6/18/08 5:28 pm - Australia
RNY on 07/10/13
I used Tony Ferguson for my pre and post-op shakes and soups. There is a much better variety of flavours and they taste quite good. That being said I have recently tried the chocolate optifast and they are quite good. Cheers Leisa
on 6/18/08 6:28 pm - Australia
I've never tried the Herbalife shakes so I'm not sure on them. I did try the Tony Ferguson shakes  and though they tasted nice they made my blood sugar levels go crazy! If you have a dietician maybe you could ask them about the Herbalife or even your doctor maybe.  I  ended up doing the opti  as I didn't think there was anything else out there that I could use.
Ms Shell
on 6/19/08 2:12 am - Hawthorne, CA
Protein taste vary but I hated Optifast.  Recently I bought some Herbalife Cream Chicken Soup which is pretty tasty.  If it fits into your nutritional plan I say go for it!! Ms Shell

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