over 1 year out from VSG and stopped losing weight

Becky G.
on 2/16/10 6:29 am
VSG on 06/26/08 with
Hello!  I am over 1 year out from my VSG and I have stopped losing weight.  I have 50 pounds to go, but since I was morbidly obese to start with, 50 pounds does not seem like a lot to me.  Still, I need to keep going.  I also stopped taking long ago the protein supplements, so I don't want to go there again, but I could definitely use some motivation and ideas on how to kickstart my weightloss again.  I have been going to the gym and gained three pounds, so exercise is not the problem.  Thank you!  And I need to change my pic - I am way skinnier than that now!  smile...  -Becky
Ms Shell
on 2/16/10 6:51 am - Hawthorne, CA
I am over 2 years out and I spent my last year weighing between 210 and 200.  It wasn't until December when I decided I wanted to get to my goal of 180 and then I took a good LONG HARD look at MY eating pattern for the last year.  It wasn't hard because when I had those "occassional" treats and some rice here, some pasta there, another carb here and there, while they didn't cause me to loose weight I have NO doubt they "helped" me to remain.  I have gone on to give up those treats and carbs and have lost 12lbs since 12/31.

My advice, take a good long hard look at your current diet and see where you are protein, carbs, fat and calorie wise.  Best of luck.

Ms Shell

"WLS is only for people who are ready to move past the "diet" mentality" ~Alison Brown
"WLS is not a Do-Over (repeat same mistakes = get a similar outcome.)  It is a Do-BETTER (make lifestyle changes you can continue forever.)" ~ Michele Vicara aka Eggface

Becky G.
on 2/16/10 8:54 am
VSG on 06/26/08 with
Ms Shell, you are so right.  Thank you for the reminder.  I remember you;  you were such a motivation to me as I poured over these boards getting ready for my surgery.  I am so glad you are doing so well and that you have been able to re-evaluate and pull yourself together to lose more weight two years out.  That is exactly what I needed to hear.  Thank you! 


Ms Shell
on 2/16/10 8:56 am - Hawthorne, CA
You are so welcome Becky...I should have re-evaluated sooner but you live you learn.  NOW it's time to update that profile picture =)

"WLS is only for people who are ready to move past the "diet" mentality" ~Alison Brown
"WLS is not a Do-Over (repeat same mistakes = get a similar outcome.)  It is a Do-BETTER (make lifestyle changes you can continue forever.)" ~ Michele Vicara aka Eggface

Becky G.
on 2/16/10 9:06 am
VSG on 06/26/08 with
That is right;  you live and you learn.  Now it's MY turn!  Thank you again! 

.: Rana :.
on 2/16/10 11:53 am - Near Grass Valley, CA
In light of what Ms Shell recommended, I am posting what J2O posts every once in a while about "Top 10 Mistakes" for you to review and see if anything in it helps you out...:

1st Mistake:  Not Taking Vitamins, Supplements, or Minerals Every WLS patient has specific nutritional needs depending on the type of surgery you have had. Not only is it a good idea to ask your surgeon for guidelines, but also consult with an experienced WLS nutritionist. Understand there is not a standard practice that all surgeons and nutritionists follow in guiding WLS patients. So, it is important to do your own research, get your lab tests done regularly, and learn how to read the results.  Some conditions and symptoms that can occur when you are deficient in vitamins, supplements, or minerals include: Osteoporosis; pernicious anemia; muscle spasms; high blood pressure; burning tongue; fatigue; loss of appetite; weakness; constipation and diarrhea; numbness and tingling in the hands and feet; being tired, lethargic, or dizzy; forgetfulness, and lowered immune functioning. Keep in mind, too, that some conditions caused by not taking your vitamins, supplements, or minerals are irreversible.

2nd Mistake:  Assuming You Have Been Cured of Your Obesity A "pink cloud" or honeymoon experience is common following WLS. When you are feeling better than you have in years, and the weight is coming off easily, it's hard to imagine you will ever struggle again. But unfortunately, it is very common for WLS patients to not lose to their goal weight or to regain some of their weight back. A small weight regain may be normal, but huge gains usually can be avoided with support, education, effort, and careful attention to living a healthy WLS lifestyle. For most WLSers, if you don't change what you've always done, you're going to keep getting what you've always gotten -- even after weight loss surgery.

3rd Mistake:  Drinking with Meals Yes, it's hard for some people to avoid drinking with meals, but the tool of not drinking with meals is a critical key to long-term success. If you drink while you eat, your food washes out of your stomach much more quickly, you can eat more, you get hungry sooner, and you are at more risk for snacking. Being too hungry is much more likely to lead to poor food choices and/or overeating.

4th Mistake:  Not Eating Right Of course everyone should eat right, but in this society eating right is a challenge. You have to make it as easy on yourself as possible. Eat all your meals--don't skip. Don't keep unhealthy food in sight where it will call to you all the time. Try to feed yourself at regular intervals so that you aren't as tempted to make a poor choice.  And consider having a couple of absolutes: for example, avoid fried foods completely, avoid sugary foods, always use low-fat options, or only eat in a restaurant once a week. Choose your "absolutes" based on your trigger foods and your self knowledge about what foods and/or situations are problematic for you.

5th Mistake:  Not Drinking Enough Water Most WLS patients are at risk for dehydration. Drinking a minimum of 64 oz. of water per day will help you avoid this risk. Adequate water intake will also help you flush out your system as you lose weight and avoid kidney stones. Drinking enough water helps with your weight loss, too.

6th Mistake:  Grazing Many people who have had WLS regret that they ever started grazing, which is nibbling small amounts here and there over the course of the day. It's one thing to eat the three to five small meals you and your doctor agree you need. It's something else altogether when you start to graze, eating any number of unplanned snacks. Grazing can easily make your weight creep up. Eating enough at meal time, and eating planned snacks when necessary, will help you resist grazing.   Make a plan for what you will do when you crave food, but are not truly hungry. For example, take up a hobby to keep your hands busy or call on someone in your support group for encouragement.  

7th Mistake:  Not Exercising Regularly Exercise is one of the best weapons a WLS patient has to fight weight regain. Not only does exercise boost your spirits, it is a great way to keep your metabolism running strong. When you exercise, you build muscle. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn, even at rest!  

8th Mistake:  Eating the Wrong Carbs (or Eating Too Much) Let's face it, refined carbohydrates are addictive. If you eat refined carbohydrates they will make you crave more refined carbohydrates. There are plenty of complex carbohydrates to choose from, which have beneficial vitamins. For example, if you can handle pastas, try whole grain Kamut pasta--in moderation, of course. (Kamut pasta doesn't have the flavor some people find unpleasant in the whole wheat pastas.) Try using your complex carbohydrates as "condiments," rather than as the center point of your meal. Try sprinkling a tablespoon of brown rice on your stir-fried meat and veggies.

9th Mistake:  Going Back to Drinking Soda Drinking soda is controversial in WLS circles. Some people claim soda stretches your stomach or pouch. What we know it does is keep you from getting the hydration your body requires after WLS--because when you're drinking soda, you're not drinking water! In addition, diet soda has been connected to weight gain in the general population. The best thing you can do is find other, healthier drinks to fall in love with. They are out there.  

10th Mistake:  Drinking Alcohol If you drank alcohol before surgery, you are likely to want to resume drinking alcohol following surgery. Most surgeons recommend waiting one year after surgery. And it is in your best interest to understand the consequences of drinking alcohol before you do it. Alcohol is connected with weight regain, because alcohol has 7 calories per gram, while protein and vegetables have 4 calories per gram. Also, some people develop an addiction to alcohol after WLS, so be very cautious. Depending on your type of WLS, you may get drunker, quicker after surgery, which can cause health problems and put you in dangerous situations.

If you think you have a drinking problem, get help right away. Putting off stopping drinking doesn't make it any easier, and could make you a lot sicker.

Jesus doesn't want me for a zombie, and He's given me free will so I can choose.  I've escaped this world's snare but I don't have to be square.  Oh yes, I have become a Christian but I still know how to groove!

Starting weight: 231; Goal weight: 140; Lowest weight: 117;
Current weight: 137 - 140

Weigh Togo
on 2/16/10 3:40 pm - Honolulu, HI
Thank you so much for posting these 10 mistakes that are often made after WLS.  Informative and helpful.!!!
Becky G.
on 2/16/10 8:22 pm
VSG on 06/26/08 with
Yes, thank you so much!  It means a lot! 

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