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Anyone else unable to vomit?

on 4/14/10 12:19 pm
I am sure of it now.  I cant puke.  I am physically unable to vomit.  I have dry heaved 4 times since surgery.  Felt like hell.  Was sure I was going to vomit.  But nothing.  Just dry heaving until the nausea passed.

Anyone else have this inability to vomit?  Before surgery I was actually a pretty easy puker.  Anytime I had a belly ache I would vomit.  I kind of miss getting it out and being done with it.

on 4/14/10 12:25 pm, edited 4/14/10 12:27 pm
It's funny you mention this because tonight I experienced the same exact type of episode.

I had 1 slice of low carb bread with a new natural whipped pb and 2 tsp of honey. I ate it slowly then my mom called mid-swallow. My son hands me the phone after he had already hit the "talk" button.

I fumbled around trying to breath (my nose is clogged due to allergy/sinus), chest is congested, and there is a tiny bite of pb, bread, honey lodged in my esophagus.

I tried for 40 minutes to puke. It was horrific, and actually for the first time in 10 months it reminded me of a band "stuck" episode. I was crying to my husband, and tried my damnedest to get that piece out of my body. The husband was bringing me water even though I'm shaking my head no no, eyes watering, nose running, sliming like a rabid dog, it was horrific.

Least to say, I will never eat that brand of pb again, and I'll never try to speak mid-swallow again. Several months ago when I had to puke I had zero issue, but it wasn't a true puking episode. It was like a creepy crawly one bite coming back up my esophagus.
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on 4/14/10 1:10 pm
that sounds awful!  I ate a couple bites of my son's birthday cake.  I haev had birthday cake before.  OMG did I get sick.  I havent slimed before, but it sounds awful.  I just spend a half an hour hugging a towel and laying naked and sweating dry heaving my head off.  Like, I had all the "i am gonna puke" signs...It was so strange.  I have had that happen 4 times, this was the worst.  Still no vomit. 

on 4/14/10 2:22 pm
Hi, sorry to bother you, but I am hopping you'll reply.  I also had a lab band surgery 1 year ago but I did not loose any weight, I could never get a proper fill, when ever I would get a good fill, I would get an inflamation of the stomach, and the doctors would have to unfill it. At this point my lab band slipped because I have been vomiting a lot, and it has to be readjusted.  Can you please tell me  your storry about lab band,  why did you get VSG, and if you think VSG is better and how.

And also I have noticed that I could not sing with lab band filled.  does anyone else have this kind of problem?
amanda J.
on 4/14/10 12:26 pm
I understand what you are saying. I have been nauseas off and on since the day of surgery and I can not vomit. Even now having the flu, I dry heave my heart out but nothing will come out. I don't get it either.
on 4/14/10 5:00 pm - Belgium
Same here! It seems dangerous, people are able to vomit for a reason.
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