Autoimmune Disease and VSG!

on 5/18/11 2:09 am
 Does anyone on here have Lupus or any other autoimmune disease?  I have Lupus and I'm wondering how having the surgery helped (or didn't) help your body.
Vicki J.
on 5/18/11 2:38 am - VA
I have sarcoidosis (I spend the majority of the time in remission though, thank God) and I was wondering the same thing!

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on 5/18/11 2:53 am - Lewisport, KY
VSG on 04/07/11 with

There is forum on here for WLS folks that have Lupus.   Click on "Forums", then on "medical conditions" then on "Lupus".  I didn't see one for Sarcoidosis but there are other medical condition forums that might be helpful.

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on 5/18/11 3:06 am - Elkton, MD
I have lupus as well but I have not had surgery yet. But I met with a new rheumotologist and she did labs and feels I am ok to have WLS. I was denied my VSG because my BMI was not 50 for my insurance. But after filing my appeal based on my lupus that lapband and RNY are not safe for people with lupus I won my appeal and am having surgery at the end of June.  VSG is the safest IMO for lupus patients because you never know in the future if you may need to take any NSAIDS and you cant take any with RNY or Lapband. I feel this is the safest option for me and my condition.
on 5/18/11 3:11 am
 SunniDee I am doing VSG for the same reasons.  My friend who is a doctor said that the GBS isn't a great option either because of the intestines being dealt with and the medication issues.  I'm super excited to have my body start feeling better!  What is the date of your surgery?
(deactivated member)
on 5/18/11 4:05 am - Elkton, MD
I am schedueld for June 27th assuming I get my pulmonary clearance redone in time.
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