Protein Bars instead of Shakes?

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I still don't think I'm eating enough protein. I've tried a few different protein shakes, and I can only tolerate Pure Protein chocolate. I don't want to invest in ANOTHER protein shake like Unjury, because I know I'm just not good at drinking this stuff. I think it's because I did Medifast for 6 months a few years ago, and that soured me on the whole chocolate drink thing (Good thing my Dr. didn't require the pre-op liquid diet!! Just normal surgery pre diet.) Now that I'm tolerating food okay, and next Tuesday will be six weeks which means no more blending, do you think it's okay to replace my shakes with bars? Anyone do this?
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You can to a point . Sadly they have pretty high carbs so you have to be careful.
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Hello,   I know that protien shakes can be a nasty pain for some.    I actally just buy the vanilla pure protien and then add frozen unsweetened strawberries and it makes a wonderful frozen shake.   As for protien bars,  I like the pure protien brand of chocolate and carmenl.  mmmmmmmm    I spend alot of time on the rd because I work for the state and it requires alot of travel.   Protien shakes can be impossible on the rd.   One thing that I found is that on days Im going to need to have a protien bar rather than a shake,  I needed to pay extra attention to my carbs as they are higher in carbs than I would like to have in one sitting.  Good luck on finding what works for you and share with us when you do.

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Someone on this board recommended some protein bards that only had 5gms of carbs. Is this still too much? 2XS0S/ref=wl_it_dp_o_npd?ie=UTF8&coliid=I1LYG62LPRAWL3&colid =37FIR08KW7E27
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The quest bars are the best that are out there still i would say that liquid protein is better as early out as you are.  I started having a bar at about 5 months out but part of me thinks of it as fake food, i.e. candy bars, it does something that makes me feel as if I'm less compliant and healtthy and look at things i wouldn't otherwise.  .  You say you like the pure protein drink.  The supercharged one has 30 grams of protein which is a helluva supplement to food.and if you wanted you could have 1/1/2 a day.  Also i will say that quest is the only company with this low carb count (the rest being dietary fiber) I know I'd have a hard time having 2 of these a day.  Even 1 is hard, i tend to have a half and that only 10 grams.  Hope this helped 
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Thanks! Following the diet recommended by the nutritionist, I only need 8oz of protein drink a day. I have been having my three meals, it's that one drink I can't seem to manage getting in. I agree about the bars seeming like candy or a cookie instead of food. So.......would a spoon of peanut butter be a better choice if I don't have the drink? The Dr. suggested a spoon between meals when I was having nausea, so I'm assuming it's okay........
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It would probably be better to get your protein from real food rather then a protein bar if you don't like the shakes. It will also be better for weightloss. Protein bars are pretty much like having a candy bar.
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on 2/8/12 9:45 pm
Note:  I'm one of those ppl who still have my hunger, so I try to focus everything I eat on first and foremost keeping me not-hungry the longest :)

The unfortunate thing for me with bars is that they satiate my hunger even less than the shakes!  If I have a bar before a workout, I am hungry before the workout is over :(

Have you tried greek yogurt?  It's great way to get protein into your diet.  For me, it was an "aquired taste".  At first, I had to get the honey flavored, and add splenda to it.  Now, I can eat the plain stuff, with nothing added (although I tend to like adding grapes to it).  Greek yogurt keeps me fuller longer than shakes/bars.

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Paige V.
on 2/8/12 10:31 pm - Gainesville, FL
this is a hot topic around here...I will tell you I use protein bars, probably once a day. All shakes literally have my dry heaving, I just cannot do it. I keep my carbs very low during the day, and in the evenings I have a protein bar. Yes they are higher in carbs, but if I have had realitively no carbs throughout the day, I feel I can splurge on a bar to get my protein up. Recently I have discovered NatureS Valley Protein bars and love them. Yes, they have 17 grams of carbs......but......well, I need the protein. Anyway, that is my 2cents.


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