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Who has IEHP Ins.

on 8/9/12 8:38 pm - Temecula, CA
VSG on 06/06/12
I have someone interested in the sleeve. she has IEHP Ins. HMO. can anyone tell me if its covered and if the you know a Dr. in the area that does it? ( Temecula) or San Diego area.

I would tell her to call her  insurance company to find out. But I would like to give her heads up.
on 8/9/12 8:52 pm - Rialto, CA
VSG on 09/04/12 with
Definitely have your friend call. Although I do not have IEHP, I did a Google search and came across this that is dated Feb 2012. B86BD1EA5/6064/022012BariatricSurgeryforMorbidObesitywithAtt estat.pdf

So there is potential. But they won't know unless they call IEHP and ask.

Jennifer B.
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on 8/9/12 9:04 pm - Temecula, CA
VSG on 06/06/12
Thank you for the info.

will see if she can call. Im sure she can find a way to talk to them or communicate with her Ins company. She is Deaf.  I will email your this info. to her