Anyone have any Stomach Polyps?

on 5/1/13 1:24 pm - CA
VSG on 05/29/13

Hey guys! Pre-op me again! Had my endoscopy yesterday to find the source of my tummy pains. They found stomach polyps and did a biopsy on them. Was wondering if anyone has had this before? Did it affect surgery for a VSG? and again, ty guys for all your responses!


on 5/1/13 2:33 pm - Canada
VSG on 10/30/13

Hi, I had the Upper GI done and found out i had polyps of the esophagus.  I then went for a gastroscopy and had one of them biopsied.  It all turned out ok and the nurse never said it made a difference only that they may want to do the test themselves.  I see the inernist next week so I will likely find out then if it is a problem but so far it's a go. Not sure if this helps.  Good luck 


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on 5/1/13 2:39 pm - CA
VSG on 05/29/13

oh ok. I know i emailed my surgeon about it, and he says it should be ok for the VSG, because if they appear later, you can still do endoscopy. but i wanted to know if others have dealt with it before. thank you for your response!


on 5/2/13 1:40 am - MO

I had polyps in my stomach, they did a biopsy and everything turned out fine.  It didn't delay my VSG surgery.