how to survive til gall bladder surgery

on 7/23/13 11:10 pm
VSG on 08/30/12
I have only had 2 attacks, one of which I did not realize was a GB attac****il weeks later....

that said, I have no stones and very minimal sludge, which is the reason why my Dr didnt consider it emergency removal. ( however my GB is very swollen, full of fluid and sore to touch)
My surgery was originally scheduled for tomorrow but weeks ago I postponed it thinking that because I hadnt had any more pain and such, the later date would be more convenient for my family....and recuperation would conincide with other things going on in my life.
For about the past week, after every meal, whether liquid or solid, I am in pain...starts off as burning sensation then pain...not the worst pain ever but consistent for an hour or so...and now for the past 4 days, I get the bubblies and diarrhea after every meal.... no matter the meal ( low fat, non spicy, fried, etc)...

my surgery is in 3 weeks but my Dr says if I cant deal with it, come to ER and he will either do it as emergency or get one of his associates to do it...
How do I survive until then??
on 7/23/13 11:15 pm - NJ
VSG on 03/26/13

OH, no, poor thing!  I had mine out years ago, and my 2nd attack was literally the most painful thing I ever went through.  Wound up having to go to ER and having emergency surgery.  On a positive note, my recuperation was extremely easy, so I am glad I didn't have to wait for my initial surgery date.

I would be VERY careful about what you eat from now until then if you are trying to hold out.  Cream sauces of any kind...avoid like the plague!  Fatty foods (alot of proteins can trigger, so be careful). 

Sending prayers your way!

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VSG on 11/06/12 with

I had mine out almost 3 months ago, and I know the pain and discomfort are terrible to deal with! I put mine off for a long time thinking it might get better and I might not need it.  If having it out is inevitable, I say don't put it off.  Have it out, start the recuperating and get to feeling better.  My thought's anyway......


on 7/24/13 3:33 am

To avoid an attack, you will have to eat bland food. No fatty food, cut way back on milk products, very little meat.

on 7/24/13 6:40 am
VSG on 01/06/14 with

I had mine out several years ago, and they gave me barbituates to calm the muscle spasms.  I was in grad school and trying to put off removal until after finals.  It didn't work, and I ended up in the ER in the middle of dead week.  Honestly, having the surgery was better than dealing with the attacks, and I haven't had any problems living without it.  The gall bladder is a storage device, so you can totally live without it.  Also, I have to disagree with Carmelita.  Gall bladder issues aren't caused by meat, because I was a vegetarian for years before having mine out.  The trigger was I was doing WW and had lost over 80 lbs.

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