3 days preop

on 9/15/13 7:35 am
VSG on 09/18/13

3 days until my VSG, feeling tired and low energy, running out of full liquid ideas, I don't do soup broth, it makes me gag, any suggestions?



on 9/15/13 10:39 am - VA
My diet pre-op wasn't full luquids, nor did I have any special instructions the day before surgery other than no food or liquid after midnight the night before.

I was allowed 4oz of lean protein each day, plus some veggies and dairy. The diet was generally around 800 calories but I was allowed 1,000. The key was that carbs needed to be around 60 each day for the liver shrinking. Also, this obviously cut out every bad habit you could think of, on chips, burgers, fries, pizza, etc.

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Google NSNG and learn the right way to eat each day

Chrissy W.
on 9/15/13 10:46 am - Indianapolis, IN
VSG on 07/01/13

I'm sorry you're feeling down :( I found early out that energy my energy levels will be low if I don't get enough protein. Are you incorporating protein shakes? They will be necessary immediately post op and will make a big difference in energy levels.

That being said (I'm sure you're already doing it anyway ) Some of the full liquids that I used...

--Protein shakes (duh)

--Pretty much any Campbell's "cream of" soup - I had to spice the crap out of them to make them taste like anything, but still... Post op these will have to be strained.

--I drank my weight in Crystal Light...

This website gives several more good suggestions...


Good luck! You'll be on the bench before you know it!

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on 9/15/13 10:56 am
VSG on 09/18/13
No protein shakes, my surgery was originally scheduled for 10/2 but I got a call last Wednesday saying they bumped my surgery back to this coming Wednesday and that I needed to start my liquid diet that day, I wasn't prepared and was waiting to get paid this coming Thursday before I was able to get the shakes and what ever else I needed so I've been stuck drinking/ eating what I have on hand which isn't much.



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RNY on 03/10/14

My surgery is Tuesday and my doctor has had me on liquids since last Wednesday. Sugar Free Carnation Instant Breakfast is good and also filling. Get chicken noodle soup and THEN strain the broth from that. You can do the same thing with cream soups and beef soups. Just strain out everything except the liquid. I also have found that sugar free popcicles seem to help when I'm getting tired of the same things over and over again. Hang in there! Wednesday will be here before you know it!