lap band after gastric bypass

on 6/20/11 5:38 am
Hi all to site. Had bypass six years ago.  Did great for first three. then over next regain of 80lbs.  Just had endoscopy...stoma too large.  Dr recommends lap band to correct problem.....any thoughts??? I still follow all the rules.  Was blaming menopause but finally went to Dr to see what was going on.  This is not my original Dr...he is out of network and I do not have any out of network benefits anymore.  Anyone else go thru this??? thx!!
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on 6/20/11 8:26 am
Check the revision board...

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on 6/26/11 11:06 am - New York, NY
Hi.  I just had a BOB (Band over Bypass) on Thursday. I've been updating my profile again as I did back in 2002.  Not as religiously but enough to make a difference to others.  Come to the revision board, but, be forwarned, their are a lot of people over their who hate the band and will either bash the band ro try to talk you into a DS.  Please feel free to email me [email protected]. Also, look for Lisa Bee.  She is the BOB queen and a fine example of what I am trying to model.

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on 7/30/11 6:25 am - IA
Hi I had a bypass in june of 2006.  I was 319 pounds on the day of my surgery.  Since then I have gotten down to 186.  In 2008 I got unexpectantly pregnant and OMG was that a disaster!  I couldn't gain weight!  The doctor was worried the baby was not getting the vitamins and nuitrients he required to grow.  Many ultrasounds and 25 pounds later I had a healthy 7 pound 6 oz baby boy.  Not only did I keep those 25 pounds but I had become accustomed to eating much more then what I had trained my body to believe was enough because I was being told you need to eat you need to eat the baby needs food.  SOOOOO here I am back at 274 pounds!!  I have tried everything to get this weight off and to retrain my bady but nothing seems to be working.  I want a lap band.  Was it hard to get insurance to pay for the band?  How are you feeling now?  I know a few people with the band and they seem to vomit alot!  I NEVER threw up after my surgery.  Since the pouch is stretched is it risky to put the band on there since the pouch wall would be so thin?  I guess I am really just wanting to weigh the pros and cons of a band vs a revision. 
on 5/8/14 5:04 am

look like we have a lot in common.......I made the final decision to have the lap bband over gastric bypass, I just had my surgery on yesterday...5/6 and I'm very excited and optimistic about getting back on track on feeling and living a healthy lifestyle.....I already was struggling with iron deficiency and all the other deficiencies that come with gastric bypass, and. The DS.would of really add more problems for the lapband was the safest for me. And less downtime I have a young child and Rheumatoid arthritis..