Anti-depressants after gastric by-pass

on 6/3/08 6:36 am
AHHHHH!!! I'm so angry. Ok I'm almost 3yrs post op and I understand that some people still don't understand about the gastric by-pass and how even this far out we aren't allow to take certain things. BUT A DOCTOR??? There's no excuse for that. Ok here's my issue. I went to my psychiatrist today and tried for the third time to get on a good anti-depressant. First they had me on Effexor XR (Yep extended release which if you don't know.. we aren't allowed to take)... they changed me to the regular Effexor and after about a year it stopped working so well. Then they decided, hey.. lets try her on a bi-polar med, maybe she's bi-polar. HA! That only made things worse. I was more depressed than I've been in a long while. So, I go back in today and was all excited when he prescribed me Cymbalta. I get home and start looking at the bottle.. guess what?? Its delayed release. Can't take it either. GRRR!! So I tried to call them.. and do they answer?? Nope! Left a message.. ya know what though.. if I was to guess I won't be able to get anything til my next appointment in 6 weeks. Those of you suffering from depression know how wonderful that's going to be... -grumbles- Anyhow, I just needed a place to rant where people could understand. Thanks for taking the time to read.
on 6/25/08 3:44 am - Palmer, AK
DS on 12/29/11 with
Star- My suggestion to you is to SPEAK WITH YOUR PHARMACIST, the pharmacy that gave you the medicine. They go to school for a LONG time & know what works in your body & how it all breaks down!! Seriously, I worked in a pharmacy, and they have more knowledge than your doctor. Please call them!! -Jamie
on 3/16/11 5:22 am
OMG OMG OMG.....I just got off Cymbalta because I have experienced horrible depression.  I am out about 1.5 year post op.  I just went to a new Psychiatrist and he put me on Lexapro which I don't believe is extended release.  I am doing okay on it.  I would recommend it. 
on 11/19/11 9:00 am
what about celexa?
on 7/30/12 1:43 pm - Tucson, AZ
RNY on 07/16/12
 I have been on anti depressants for many years now.  Currently I take Zoloft, zyprexa, and lamictal.  Some are mood stabilizers and some are anti-d.  I had my surgery two weeks ago and when in the hospital they never gave me any of those meds.  I got really depressed for a while.  Then I took them and got back on track and I am fine. My doc didn't mention to get off any of them.  They are not extend release either. I go this week to see my physchiatrist and I don't think we are gonna change anything.  You might want to ask about those above mentioned drugs.  Just because something is for bi polar disorder does not mean it doesn't helo depression.

E N.
on 4/30/09 12:35 pm - Belleville, IL
change your psyc now.
Do you know what they call medical students at the bottom of their class?
I have suffered from depression pretty much always. finding the right med is a tedious terrible journey and if you have gone to someone 3 times and told them that you cant take CR or DR then move on to someone else. Dont let some idot perscribe chemichals for your brain.
Yeah i love how it takes almost a month to see someone and then a month to see if the meds are working...... in the mean time, what am I supposed to do?
Im pretty sure I take a delayed release tablet and I dont have any side effects except for the usual headaches that I had before, so its not from taking a DR.
see a psychologist while your adjusting your meds. My psyc requires it.
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