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Transition from walking to jogging
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surprise my family
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To shop in the "regular" clothes section
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Travel on a plane WITHOUT a seatbelt extender.
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feel better about myself and improve my health
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Surgeon Testimonial

Philip R. Schauer MD
I was a little taken back at the first meeting with Dr. Schauer. I had my mind set on Lap Band and after he looked over my chart and records he suggested RNY. I was not prepared to discuss this procedure and all the questions I had were for Lap Band. I think he knew I was little taken back at his suggestion. I was given a week to think about it and decide what I wanted to do. I spoke with a good friend on OH and was told to just stand my ground and go with my first choice. I did go with my first choice, the lap Band. The second meeting I had with Dr. Schauer was to discuss the procedure, the risk and outcome. I have found Dr. Schauer to be a very confident and excellent surgeon. I feel that the post op and follow up care is very well constructed and geared towards helping the patient reach all their weight loss goals. I would highly recommend Dr. Schauer to anyone that is looking into any weight loss procedure.
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  • Comment by Dawn G. 2/26/09 10:25 am
    Good Luck-Hope all goes well, and your surgery is as smooth and uneventful as possible.
  • Comment by Sarahlicious 2/26/09 10:17 am
    Sending you lots of happy and healthy thoughts for a smooth recovery!
  • Comment by maddies_mommy26 2/26/09 4:57 am
    Good Luck....I hope everything goes well. I wish you a quick recovery....Amy
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arkieboy's Blog
arkieboy's Blog

Happy Holidays ****** 12/13/09 *****

posted 12/13/09 10:17 am

Not much exciting going on.  I wanted to add something to the profile before I forget and December slips away.  I do want to wish everyone a joyous and blessed holiday season and may 2010 be the best yet. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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