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weigh under 200 lbs!
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exercise at least 3-5 times a week
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Troy LaMar
Dr. LaMar was my surgeon. My first impression of him was his height as others have mentioned. He is very professional, friendly, and thorough with any questions that you have. He took my questions seriously and was helpful in reassuring me with any doubts or issues that I was having. His office staff is extremely helpful and have always gotten back to me with any questions that I have had. I would definitely recommend Dr. LaMar and his staff to others.
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  • Comment by Mallory_S 8/11/09 11:20 am
    Best of luck today !!!
  • Comment by SUNRAY 8/10/09 3:56 pm
    Wishing you the best of surgeries and a speedy recovery. I remember well the excitement, nervousness and anticipation before surgery but it is all normal! Hope to see you posting soon and updating your status....we'll move on down and make room for you on the Loser's Bench...a wonderful place to be! ^_^ Nancy aka Sunray
  • Comment by txhotmomma 8/10/09 11:35 am
    Tomorrow starts the rest of your life towards a new life!
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deehoney's Blog
deehoney's Blog

32 lbs down and clothes!

posted 9/1/09 3:49 pm
I'm down officially 32 lbs. I now weigh less than I did over 10 years ago. 32 doesn't sound like a big number, but I would never have been able to reach on my own without my RNY.  It's pretty amazing how this whole process is working for me.  My face seems a little thinner, my thighs do, especially my chest size, LOL!  I need to purchase some bras, that's for sure. My tatas are not fitting well into my bras anymore. 

I also noticed that I'm falling out of my clothes. I have a closet full of clothes that are too big for me now. They still fit, but they are so loose on me, especially in the thighs and butt area.  I actually have these pair of capri's that I've had for a few years and I tried them on today and they are so loose, pretty much unwearable.  I remember right after my mom had the surgery (4 years ago) and having her try these capri's on and they were loose on her too, it's pretty funny how this is all working out.  I think I'm going to have to invest in some wrap dresses or skirts for a while.  I definitely need some new tops as well. I'm gonna scope out the Thrift Stores near me to see if I can find anything good and check out Ross and TJ Maxx. It's just soo damn hot right now, that most of the stores have fall clothes out right now and it's harder to find anything that cool enough to wear.  And I also don't want to spend tons of money on clothes that won't be fitting me in a month!

I'm going to try out some new shakes that I've seen posted by some of the awesome OH posters.  I'm getting really excited about trying new foods and making healthy stuff for my family.  I'll be on the pureed stage in about a week and half and I'm really looking forward to that.  So far, the full liquids that I have had, have been good to my pouch. Absolutely no issues!  I've also tried a little bit of an egg omelette and garlic mashed potatoes this weekend and my pouch was happy. Ooh, thank you Egg!  I've been worried about eggs because I really love them so much. 

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