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be successful in weight loss to be here for my family
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  Sometimes I amaze myself!!!!

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I began this journey in October of 2006.  That was the final time when I knew this was the only way left to go.  My cholesterol was out of control.  I was on the border of high blood presure and diabetes.  Every day I needed a nap of and hour or so.  I had no energy and I wouldn't even think about getting on the floor with the kids.  I took a step back and viewed my life.  I was 45 with three little kids - 9, 7 and 5.  My youngest has down syndrome and that has been such a focus for me since she was born.  I have always thought "what would happen to her". I plan to be around for many years to make sure that she is well taken care of by ME!!! and my husband.

So, with the support of my family I started to investigate gastric bypass.  I spoke to a lot of people and like most, I thought "well, that's not me".  Ya, it was me.  I went to my first meeting and was hooked.  It became one meeting after another after that.

I had my surgery on April 9th 2007.  It was a somewhat uneventful surgery.  I came home and began the wonderful journey of weight loss.  I am able to put in place all those Weight Watcher tips and healthy eating habits I have been taught over the years.  Now, I have the tool to help me stop and NOT eat the bad stuff.  I am confident that this was and is the best decision of my life.

I started in October of 06 at 277 pounds.  At surgery (in April) I was 261.  Today - July 28th I am 221.  It seems to come off slow but it comes off.  I also find that because of the negative impact of "junk food" I can't wallow in food.  That is a true blessing!!!!!

My cholesterol has gone from 214 to 169 so I am off all the meds.  My blood presure is normal and I am no longer a border diabetic.  I just can't believe any of this.

I have begun to use my spare time by reading.  A whole new world has opened up and I am proud and happy to have been the one to make these changes.