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  • Comment by sunshinexoxo 5/26/10 2:04 pm
    Hey Devaina, Wanted to send you well wishes and a speedy recovery. Bigg Huggs!!
  • Comment by LadySteeler 5/25/10 2:04 pm
    Many Blessings to you as you enter the next chapter of your life!
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Devaina M.'s Blog
Devaina M.'s Blog

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My Story

May 13, 2010 
Hey everyone! My Name is Devaina, I am 30 years old, I have been married for 10 years and I have two beautiful kids. That i truly  just adore.

I have been overweight since I was a little girl. The thing is, I always felt healthy despite the extra weight. I have always loved the out doors and been an active person. My kids are 7 and 8 years old and I am in the worst shape ever and have no social life. So my goal is to loose the extra weight and be able to play outside with my kids.  THIS HURT SO MUCH. I want to be able to exercise with my children and teach them healthy eating habits. I want to FEEL healthy again!

Well, I finally have my surgery date in hand. MAY 26,, the first day of a new beginning. I am excited and scared to death all at the same time. I bought all the vitamins that I'd need and probably bought more than I needed to. I have been so tense the last couple of days thinking about this surgery. I think too much!, and sometimes my thoughts get the best of me. Overall, I'm excited and nervous and I'm ready to start my new life. By next summer I have a very good idea of what i want to look like, so I hope I achieve those goals. I have no choice I will achieve those goals. I will continue to stay prayed up and thank the good Lord for this amazing opportunity.

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