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Mwashlady's Blog
Mwashlady's Blog

Going through the process

posted 8/28/10 7:32 am
Hi !!! My name is Kim and I'm 50 years old.  I had been researching bariatric surgery for about 2 years now.  When I turned 50 in July, I said to myself "THIS IS IT!! I'M DOING IT FOR ME!!!"  So, I attended the seminar earlier this month.  I met with the Dr. Antonetti the following day.  I'm going to need an EDG so that he knows what he will be working with.  This is scheduled for September 20.  I have my Psych evaluation on September 7.  I have an appointment with my Family Doc on September 16.  At this time we are looking at surgery in October.  I'm so excited!!! 

Is there anyone else out there who has had or is going to be having the sleeve proceedure that is in my general area??  I'd really like to know about your experience.

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