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Get my iron levels up so I can have surgery.
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L. Steve Weinstein
My first impression was that this Dr. knows his stuff. Everytime he sees you in his office he does not automatically assume that you remember everything so he goes back over everything that was discussed on your last visit. My impression of him has not changed. He wants to make sure that everything goes well with me and this surgery. He has a wonderful and caring staff. There is nothing so far that I don't like about him. He reminds me that he wants me to follow the instuctions that are given to have the best results possible. He does have a structured aftercare program and he make sure you know the risks of this type of surgery. I would give him a 8. I think both surgical competence and bedside manner are very important.
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  • Comment by Pat T. 10/26/09 2:03 am
    Congratulations! This is such an exciting time! The first few weeks after surgery will be a roller coaster ride, but you will do great! Wishing you the best for an uneventful, successful surgery and a speedy recovery! Best wishes!
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tcunningham's Blog
tcunningham's Blog

I am going in for round two!!!

posted 4/28/10 3:21 am
Well I haven't been on here for a while(as far as blogging),but I still read everyones post.  I was a little discouraged about surgery being postponed until my iron levels were better.  Well I go see my surgeon on May 4th.  So I am happy about that.  I had some personal issues during that time that I believe needed to be dealt with before I had surgery, so I feel like everything went that way for a reason. That was after being upset and shedding some tears.  Anyway right now I am just kind of laid back about the whole situation, but I am excited also.  I am ready for the skinny me to please stand up.  I appreciate everyone who gave me information on how to get my iron levels up to par and I just want to say thanks.  Well that all for now folks. 

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