Getting a Little Closer to VSG With Maryland Physicians Care

Oct 09, 2017

Hello All,

About a month ago I posted about how I was having a hard time getting started on my journey because my insurance through my job did not offer coverage for bariatric surgery.  Well, I called my secondary insurance which is Maryland's Physicians Care and I found out that I do have coverage for bariatric surgery with them! Yay!  Now, I searched online and a lot of places don't list the insurance providers that they work with so I just had to start calling.  I found Doctors Community Hospital in Lanham, Maryland.  Lanham is only about 1 hour from my home. This was mid September.  I had an appointment with my Primary doctor on September 27. I explained to her that my primary insurance does not offer coverage and that the bariatric surgeon that she referred me to does not work with my secondary insurance.  When I told her that I had found a bariatric surgery program that does accept my secondary insurance, she was more than willing to give me a referral for that program.  I went to the WLS seminar at Doctors Comunity Hospital on October 2nd and I have an actual appointment with the surgeon there on October 25th.....Hopefully everything goes well...

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