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Has anyone else had to deal with a difficult significant other. I mean mine is totally being non supportive. I've been out of the hospital for 5 days and I swear he's eaten more junk food this week then we both did in a month, pizzas, panzarotti, frie

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Does anyone else feel like there's a pull when you stand up. I'm not sure if it's one of my incisions but whenever I stand up there's a tightness to my upper left side. God I know I'm probably just insane by now but with all of this pain and difficult

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So I'm worried about heading home from the hospital. I don't feel like I'm getting enough liquids yet I was only able to consume 150 ml of soup, 237 ml of boost, and 114 ml of juice in a day I'm still trying to finish my 2nd boost that I've been sippin

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It's my first day post op and I don't know why I've done this to myself. I could really use some encouragement. I have extreme gas pain in my chest which is not going away any suggestions?


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