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So I'm beyond nervous to push the limits, and my nut said don't be and to go for it. When I asked how much I'm suppose to eat she basically said until I feel full and that the denser the food the faster I'll feel full. First time I ate a pudding cup I

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Primary doctor took me off the sliding scale insulin and doesn't want to restart any of the diabetic medications at this time!!!! Nutritionest wants me to start to move to tuna, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Pain on my right side surgeon believes i

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Surgery was 1 week and a day ago. Seen the nutritionist today and I can move up on the diet to soups, pudding and yogurt! I already exceeded my projected weight loss for 1 month after surgery. I weigh 29 pounds less than my highest weight and lost 8 po

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Surgery was a week ago, 4 days before surgery I had the iud placed, I just had my period 2 weeks ago and now I'm passing blood clots the last 2 days and its acting like a period. Could this be from getting heparin? Should I be worried.? Blood clots are

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While in the hospital they told me I needed to sleep at 30 degrees they said I could sl3ep on my side but have to be at 30 degrees. Surgery was monday, so 4 days post op, I have been trying to sleep elevated on pillows on the couch and can only sleep f

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Today I've really been missing food, its not that I'm hungry, I just miss the taste. The husband had tomato soup and grilled cheese and then for supper chicken strips and I sat there drooling and wanted to lick it!!!! Did anyone else have this problem?

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Finally made it home, they took away some meds and started new ones. I was frustraited with the staff checking my blood sugars after I ate when its suppose to be sliding scale. They continuously told me I need to drink more but then turn around and say

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I had surgery on Monday, I was suppose to be discharged today but I'm 90% sure that's not going to happen. I keep asking myself why I did this to myself, it's hard to look into the future. I'm in a ton of pain, oxygen keeps dropping, my back hurts, I f

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Today is my last day of work for 2 weeks, tomorrow is surgery day and my emotions are all over the place. It doesnt help that my husband couldn't get time off work and we have no other family here. The what ifs keep running through my mind. But here we

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My surgery is a week from tomorrow and I'm worried..... I am a nurse at a jail, i have 2 weeks off after surgery and then go to work with restrictions of no lifting more than 25 pounds and no running. Last 2 nights I have had assistance calls that I ne

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Received the call stating surgery is scheduled for 9/11!!!! That's right in 2 weeks!!!!!! Beyond excited but the nerves are setting in and the what if's are running through my head.

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Had a follow up with dietician and surgeon today. We discussed all procedures and agreed that the RNY is the best way to go. They sent to get approval and will call with surgery date when it's set in stone. They are looking at middle of September. They

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Congrats! Now the waiting game! I finished everything last week...

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So how many days before surgery did you take off from work? How many days were you in the hospital afterwards? And how long were you off work until you went back after surgery????

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Completed the psych eval, now to just schedule the surgery and get approval from insurance! I would appreciate any and all tips, suggestions, or opinions!

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Had my EGD today, doctor said everything looks good, he had mentioned something to my husband about having a different option of surgery instead of the RNY but he didn't understand the lingo.... I guess perks of me being in the medical field I understa

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EGD is on Monday, recieved a call from the surgical hospital today on preparation tasks prior too. Had to have MRSA swab, that was negative. Not nervous for this procedure. Psych eval is also next week. I'm not sure How to feel about this.... What do t

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Today was 3 month check up with primary physician, my a1c is now below 7!!!!!! Week and a half until my EGD, 2 weeks until my psych evaluation, and then onward. I am excited for what the future holds and can't wait to schedule the surgery!!!!!

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Had another appointment with the dietician! Down 10 pounds! Psych appt is scheduled for less than a month, 3 and a half weeks until my EGD, should have surgery date set soon. Excited but nervous!

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I'm 28 years old, I'm the heaviest I have ever been weighing at 260 at 5'8" with a ton of medical problems including diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, elevated liver enzymes, high cholesterol. Drs have always told me to lose weight, well that's easi

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