Sep 11, 2017

So the nght before after 9 PM I did not have anything to eat. They said after 12 AM NPO. So went by myself because of course don't really have anyone there for me to go with. Husband works can't have two people miss work like that. Got there at 8:30 AM was the 3rd person to go in and got registered. Before going in was told that my husband needed to confirm he was going to pick me up so had to come out early. Mind you I was gong to just take a cab and have him pick up my car where ever I parked but no they have rules. I went in shortly the doctor went to get me gave me this liquid to drink disgusting and then they put me to sleep. They did it I don't remember when I woke up ended up in the recovery room and was asked if I wanted something to eat. I do remeber the doctor saying everything went well as soon as I was waking up but I was woozy. They gave me the results and was told to get dressed and go back until my husband pick me up personally. WHAT!?!? LOL for a moment I felt like a kid but I know it was safety. So I appreciated that and were extremely nice medical staff. Found out I have a Hiatal Hernia and Mild Erythematous Mucosa of the Antrum which one can be repaired in the VSG surgery A+ for that and the other one waiting on the biopsies results. Hopefully nothing major and easy fix. Honestly I don't want that to delay my surgery. They said it takes about a week for results and then I am good to go and get cleared. So I guess I have to wait for this. I do have a scheduled appontment by the end of the month but calling next week to get the results not waiting all that time. No need to wait that long they are actually pretty good with giving next day appts. Tomorrow I have the second Psych and suppot group and I am done with those two. After that Pulmonary this friday and then Nutritionist. Yayyyyyyy One step closer!!! Can't wait for the day I get to say in a post "My Surgery"!!  :-))


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