Mar 18, 2017

So my job entails floating to different areas based on need.

Today it meant going to an area I had not worked for a couple of years. Most of it by choice because I do not like working with mean people.

Today I learnt mean people never change.

Maybe they thought they were helping but quoting Simon Cowell and telling me that "weight loss is simple, don't eat much" isn't nice, it isn't inspirational - well not at first. Let me clarify based on previous experience they have never seen me eat, I eat pretty healthy - but always in private.

It took another 10 hours of work before their cruel comment became my mantra and my determination to make this work, not so I can waltz in slim and confident not to accept their crap but so I can face my crap and get slim and confident.

I won't deny it, it hurt too, but it is now my fuel.

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