(I'm in the process of transferring data from my old file, but for now, I'll start with what's going on right now.)

2/20/08 - weight 153
My weight has been pretty stable for over a year now.  I would like to lose 10-15 more pounds to get to the original goal that I set for myself before surgery, but I think this is going to be about it for me.  I am able to stay stable because I still weigh on a daily basis.  I give myself a range of 5 lbs. and never go beyond that.   Right now it stays between 150 and 155.  Some people say not to weigh every day, but you've got to do whatever works best for you.  I went without my scale for about a month recently and although I didn't gain, I felt out of control until I got it back!

2/26/08 - weight 151
I decided this week that I would try and reduce the amount of carbs in my diet.  Too many carbs (sweets and snacks like crackers) are the reason I have not been losing weight.  I do have major head hunger - mostly from boredom, but I'm trying this week to drink water or low calorie beverages to help combat that.  

Still dreaming of more plastic surgery (LBL and thighs), and hope to get there one day.  Thinking about asking a family member to co-sign a loan for me, but I really need to get my initial loan (where I had breast lift, augmentation and arms done) before going there.  My daughter is about to go to college so I don't want my funds to be too stretched out!

I try to hit the gym twice a week, but it needs to be more like three to four times a week.  It's just hard to exercise in the winter with the cold and the short days.  I'm much more active doing outside stuff in the summer.  My favorite thing to do at the gym is participating in the aerobic/weight training classes.  It's not as boring as those machines and the hour flies by before I know it.  I can really tell that the muscle tone is improving and being somewhat strong is important to me.

10/22/08 - weight 155
On Thursday, October 9th I went back to my PS and had an extended abdominoplasty done.  Cost:  $7,200.  It has been 13 days now.  Went back to work 3 days ago, but could have went back sooner since I have a desk job.  No pain or problems so far.  The only irritation has been getting in a comfortable position or walking with the two drains, but it's just irritating - not hurting.  They took the right one out after 4 days and I will have the left one in until the volume gets to be under 30 cc's in a 24 hour period.  I think that might be by the end of the week, which will then be 2 weeks of having that drain.  They will take my belly button stitches out at the same time.  Looks like I have a baby's belly button now!  I had VERY little abdominal fat to remove, all skin.  It weighed 5 lbs.  Wearing a high-waisted, long leg crotchless compression garment that isn't bad, especially since the weather is cooler.  Don't know how long I will have to wear it, but from what I have read here it may be about 6 weeks for the best results. 

Butt is still sagging, but doesn't look horrible with boy-short panties.  Pants will always be an issue as long as I have this extra butt and leg skin.  Legs are horrible, but in due time once I pay all this down, the legs will be next - probably a year or two from now.  Overall, I'm happy with everything and looking forward to getting back to the gym.

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