SADI-S Surgery

Jul 17, 2017

After 2 weeks of the Ideal Protein shakes, I had my SADI-S surgery on Friday, July 14.  We arrived in Montreal on Thursday and stayed at an inn then headed off to the hospital Friday morning for 7am.  After getting through Admissions at Sacre-Coeur hospital, we headed downstairs to the One Day Surgery (loosely translated) area.  After getting dressed in my "Oh so chic!" hospital apparel, I had several tests to go through and questions to respond to (they were rechecking the info they already had on me).  My surgery was at 10:15 so we had to wait in the room a good while until my husband and I were taken upstairs and to wait in another room for them to take me into the O.R.


Finally they took me to the OR and that's where I said goodbye to my husband.  I don't know why, but anytime I'm going to get anesthesia, in my mind, I see it as a death sentence.  Crazy but that's the way it is.  Anyhow, my heart rate was pretty high because I was surrounded by strangers, albeit very nice ones, and as they were putting the mask on me to give me oxygen and "it would help me relax while they put me to sleep" I started crying.  I remember them telling me that everything would be ok, but I kept crying until finally I woke up and the one who had put the oxygen on me, said "You're awake now, the operation is done, and it went very well".  


So I felt a huge wave of relief then I felt just how cold I was.  Like really cold.  Not just my skin, I felt like I was chilled on the inside too.  So I was really shivering in the recovery room.  They put heated blankets on me and after a while I was still cold, so they stuck this hose under the blankets with me to warm me up (kinda like what I do with a hair dryer under the blankets when my feet are cold).  Eventually there was wonderful relief with that.  It stayed in there quite some time then I told them to take it out because I was starting to break a sweat hahaha


I spent 2 days in the hospital after that.  I was supposed to be in only 1 night, but even though the surgery went well, the doctor (one of them who was in the OR when I was there) suggested I stay in for another night just to make sure there were no problems.  I was ok with that.  My husband was staying at the inn we had booked for an extra night "just in case" anyhow.  I had a very unpleasant "roommate" since I was in a semi-private room, although she was only unpleasant with the staff and didn't really interact with me, I felt bad for the staff having to deal with her mean and uncalled for remarks.  Despite the rude behaviour from my roommate and lack of sleep that I was getting, if I had pain or hearburn, the drugs they gave me worked well and worked really fast.  Anyhow, I was discharged at noon on Sunday.  My meals there consisted of bland broth without salt which I didn't have much of and jello, which I preferred.  


We came home after leaving the hospital.  I told Brad as we were walking out of the hospital that I felt like I was retaining about 10 lbs of water.  When I got home, I weighed myself.  When I started my pre-op diet, I was 285 lbs on my scales, the day before surgery I was 277.  When I got home, I was 284 so I wasn't far off the mark hahaha  I didn't weigh myself this morning, but in a week or two the water weight will have gone down and I'll be able to get more of a true weight reading at that time.  


So that's all I really have to say.  I'm sore and have to sleep propped up on my back, but I'm not as sore as I was when I got home after having my VSG almost 2.5 years ago.  This time though, the gas pain really hit me, but it did not when I had my VSG.  I hope this is the last surgery I ever have to have.  I really hate the whole anesthesia part.  Not fond of recovery, but it's better than the anesthesia ;-)


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