Hit THAT wall you hear about but swear it won't happen to YOU!

Oct 04, 2011

Hi Y'all! I've been MIA on here for about a month and a half. Mainly because I've slacked off and feel guilty. But partially because I've been selfishly busy doing nothing and everything at the same time. Makes sense, yes?

I've gone n' done it. I've hit the wall that most one year outters talk about. Where life just gets the better of you, you slack off on exercising, on eating healthy, and taking your vitamins. YES -  it happened to me.
It started off innocent enough. I started skipping my exercise routine for this reason or that reason. Then the bad food started creeping back into the diet.  .... Pizza here, or McDonalds there. ICK!
I went on vacation and pigged out the whole time living off the "Vacation calories don't count" rule. Well, lemme tell you .... they most certainly do count! And after gaining 5 lbs in a few short weeks.... I got reality knocked back into me that I was slipping! I was "out of control" if you will. So, I started reigning it back in. Cut back on the bad food, and started being active again - Hello Pilates, I've missed you.

Anyways, it was a wake up call. I remember thinking to myself when I started out on my WLS journey ... "That wont happen to me. I didn't go through major surgery and have my guts rerouted to put the weight back on. No way! Won't happen!". HA HA HA!  Then it DID happen to me! Soooooo, yea, I put on 5 lbs which was my first gain since surgery 13 months ago. Which I'm ok with in all honesty. It's just the way I gained it. I knew it was from eating unhealthy and being lazy.

But here I am, back on track! I am doing October Unprocessed which is AWESOME! It's basically eating Whole, unprocessed, healthy foods which is how we should be eating for the most part anyways. And I am in love with it!!! I've made my own BBQ sauce, pasta sauce, salad dressing, honey roasted almonds, homemade chili, 1 ingredient penne pasta, we even pressed out our own corn tortillas at home and baked them to make chips, etc. It's amazing! I'm also going to attempt to bake my own whole wheat bread!
I am having so much fun with it! And it helps that my BF is doing it with me. He wakes up on the weekend and makes yummy eggs and bacon or omelets for breakfast. And when he goes shopping he buys all lean meats and healthy local or organic veggies. And he does a lot of the cooking! He's awesome!

Today just so happens to be my 1 year anniversary with above mentioned awesomesauce boyfriend. He gave me a sweet card this morning, and being that he has work and school all week we'll celebrate with a nice dinner over the weekend.

Anyways, here's some pictures from my vacation home to San Diego last month. I had an amaaaaazing time and miss home like crazy!


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