The skinny on my weight gain

Jan 05, 2013

Hi my OH family,

I am officially 2.5 years out from my RNY. It's safe to say the honeymoon phase is over.  Let me explain. ...

In the last 3 months I have put on 6 lbs. Now I know that doesn't seem like a lot. But to us Rny'ers that have had our guts rearranged to have a healthier life .... that is noticeable and eye opening! Here's the thing ... As hard as I try .... I have not been able to ENJOY exercising! I love some things like yoga and pilates. I love that I CAN exercise! I love that I CAN run, and I CAN do bootcamp classes. I just don't like actually doing them. Even with my "unofficial personal trainer" of a boyfriend there to help me and encourage me. I still find myself dragging ass and not WANTING to do it! Uuuuuugh!!!!! 

However, I had my "AH HA!" moment right around Christmas when none of my (already skin tight) pants fit. I know, I know, it's only 6 or so pounds ... But that makes a huge difference in how clothes fit - and frankly, in how you see yourself in the mirror. I've already started cutting out the misc. junk food I was grazing on throughout the day. Those are what we call "empty calories" and certainly unneeded. And just like almost every other American I've made a New Years Resolution to be the healthiest me I can be. I've started having protein shakes in the morning again. Salads with grilled chicken and black bean salsa for lunch most days. And dinner has been left overs of chili, or soup, or more grilled chicken and veggies.  ..... I'M TRYIN' Y'ALL ! I will not fail! It's astonishing how fast the weight creeps back on. For anyone who's followed my blogs I've always said I'm not going to be one of those WLS patients who have regain (we all aim for that, right?) ... And I don't know if I'd consider 6 or 7 lbs "regain" .... Either way - it woke me up from my sluggish, potato chip and pizza haze to remember that I am different! And as the old saying goes: "Just because you CAN eat those things doesn't mean you should". I love cold pizza, and ramen noodles, and french fries, and chips, and M&Ms. But I have to reign that crap in. Tisk tisk Karly!

Oiiiiiiiiiiiii ........ So, with all that being said - This morning I decided to put on my bikini from the summer to see how it fit. I was surprised to see it looks like most of my extra pounds have gone to my boobs! HaHaHa! 


I am still extremely happy with myself and my journey thus far. True, I am just frustrated with my short comings. And that's my own fault. But everything is fixable. I will not let myself be my own downfall. 

Highest weight: 275

Current  weight: 131

Here's to a healthy and happy 2013 ! I know it will hold a lot of big moments in my life. I am so excited to see where this chapter in my life goes!


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